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Last updated: March 17, 2017

Tressa and KIS Cut and Color How-To

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Tressa and KIS Cut and Color How-To

From their collaborative collection efforts, Tressa & KIS Haircare presents this cut & color how-to.  See the Full Collection:  Organic Transitions


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    Proceed to Cut Step 1.

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    Step 1: Top Section
    Section hair from the outside corner of each eye back to just below the crown. Pull section up and secure with ponytail holder.

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    Step 2: Center Back
    In the back, take a light bulb shape section in the center of head. Apex at nape and cut blunt. Drop sections on either side of center section and cut blunt.

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    Step 3: Return to Top Section
    Return to top section, release ponytail. Comb hair straight up off the head and cut to 7 inches in length.

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    Step 4: Side Sections
    Next, connect comb side sections straight down and connect to length just behind the ear. Cut a straight horizontal line.

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    Step 5: Top Veil Section
    Drop the top section to veil over solid perimeter line and texture veil by pleating around the entire head shape. Note the veil should hang slightly over perimeter.
    Option: Bang area should be personalized to each client.

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    Red on Red – Using Tressa’s LITEnUP Dual Moisturizing Powder & Colourage Permanent Translucent Color (or LITEWORX)

    Formula: Weave inside of the 5 square sections utilizing LITEnUP
                    2 scoops + 3oz. Colourage Developer 20 volume

    Option: You may also use LITEWORX for the 5 square section: 2  scoops LITEWORX Power Lifting Powder + 2oz Processing Cream  20 volume + 2oz LITEWORX Conditioning Oil Lightener

    Note: Only allow lightener to lift to an orange stage, rinse lightener and apply Colourage Color formula below to entire head

    Toner: ½ oz. 6RR Colourage Color + ½ oz. 5R Colourage Color + 2oz. Colourage Developer 20 volume

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    Step 1: Top Sectioning
    At the outer corner of each eye, section back and across the top round of the head.

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    Step 2: Top Section
    Within the top section, create 3 square sections down the middle of the head and 2 more square sections on either side of the middle square section. Create back-to-back foils in each square section.
    Option: Weave inside each square section for a less solid color result.

    Apply Colourage Color formula.

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    Smooth Look                 
    1. Mist with KIS Leave-In Sealing Spray
    2. Apply KIS GelWax to wet hair dry
    3. Flat iron with KIS Thermal Protecting Hairspray
    4. Apply KIS Shine Serum

    Textured Look
    1. Mist with KIS Leave-In Sealing Spray
    2. Apply KIS Root Lifter to the root area
    3. Next apply KIS Spray Gel to ends
    4. Blow dry and flat iron with KIS Thermal Protecting Hairspray
    5. Apply Shine Serum