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Last updated: May 22, 2005

Sizzlin’ Summer Hair Techniques

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Sizzlin’ Summer Hair Techniques

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    Get Beach Babe Waves!
    For those who want to go straight from the surfboard to the beach barbecue, try this sultry summer style!

    Part the hair down the middle, divide it in two sections, and braid each side while it’s still wet.  Tie the braids into two large knots and fasten them to the top of the head, leaving the ends free.  Wear this style up or let it loose when dry for sexy, voluminous waves. 

    Surf Diva style is hair that’s been tousled dry by nothing but sea and air. Quick, easy, and more importantly – guaranteed to have you looking like you just stepped off the set of Blue Crush.

    Tip: If you use any styling product this summer, make it a leave-in conditioner with SPF of 15 or more. 

    Photographer: Seth Sabal 

    Try some of Jet Rhys’ unique color techniques for yourself! 

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    The Metro Glam Look: Loops, Bends and Twists
    This summer hair will celebrate texture and embrace living a bit on the wild side!

    Use Rusk CurlSilk Texture Control Mousse* to energize texture and bends on hair while eliminating frizz.  It acts as a curl amplifier that unleashes bounce, body and movement giving hair control, manageability and long lasting hold. 

    Start at the nape area and create loops, twisting one-inch square sections between your fingers.  Dry each section 50% before moving on to the next. 

    After looping-up the entire head, spray on Rusk CurlSilk Texture Control Blast* for curl animation and raw movement.  Gently squeeze the hair while using a dryer with diffuser. 

    Use more Texture Blast to give hair pliable, touchable, long lasting style, support and memory while combating and controlling frizz.

    *Contain protective sunscreen to protect hair from UVA/UVB damage.

    Photographer:  Jean Blais
    Hair: Sandra Yu
    Fashion Styling: Dominick
    Make-up: Julie Begin


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    Summer is filled with Beach and Summer Parties.  So let’s mix a hair cocktail, then sit and relax. 

    Shampoo first with Matrix Color.Smart Shampoo (has UV protection). Then just follow these steps: 

    One part conditioner with UV protection like Matrix Color.Smart  +
    One part firm smoothing gel like Matrix Vavoom+
    One part styling base to control frizz, plus add UV protection and shine; think Matrix Color.Smart Nourishing shine cream

    Mix together and apply to wet hair and use enough product to cover all the hair and comb through.  It will be soft because of the conditioner but the gel will hold the hair together so no clips are needed. This “Cocktail” also protects the hair from the sun and, as it dries, it will become the setting product that will give you an unstructured wavy look.

    Divide the hair into sections and twist.  Note: This is a fun technique as sections do not need to be perfect; in fact it’s actually better if they are of random size, but not too thick.  Next, from the bottom of each twist, push up to scrunch a wave texture.

    Now just sit in the sun and relax as the hair dries at the beach or your backyard barbecue.

    Going out later? Break up the hair with your hands, open up the twists and you have a beautiful soft wavy style that is a perfect look for the summer.

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    Curve Cutting 
    Follow these steps to achieve this three-dimensional, golden summer look.

    This shaping has weightless styling & over cutting reducing weight. Random cutaways using sheers create translucency and root volume.  Tip: Keep the blades wide open and carve hair at the inside using body to create the shaping. Finishing technique: Dry textures randomly for separation and added volume.      

    Purest Blond Color:
    Applied as a full lightening process on a natural base 6 neutral using Platinium’s 30 volume Platinium developer. After processing, remove the lightening and tone on slightly damp hair with LUO P03 and 20 volume developer for 15 minutes.

    Styling Aids:
    Minimal amounts applied in layers of Loreal Professionnel’s Tec Ni Art volume extreme.  For fine hair add Gloss Wax for it’s satin but not wet sheen.

    Flick the hair with the palm of your hand and only use a thin film of the gloss wax.

    Hair and Make-up: Heather Wenman
    Photographer: David Raposo
    Model: Kari 

    Check out Heather’s Pearl Girls Collection!

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    Say sayonara to tight French twists and meticulously curled updos… Summer’s version of the formal look reflects the season’s inherently non-formal sensibilities. 

    Tousled Double Twist 

    This quick style works especially well with longer, wavy hair and is casual, but elegant, for all those summer weddings and garden parties.  To create, flip hair upside down and lightly work in a bodifying product such as FantasticStyle™ Styling Foam into the roots.

    Next, rightside-up, gather a 2-inch section of hair just above one ear and twist halfway.  Do the same on the other side; gather both twists behind the head. 

    Clip twists together with a pretty hair accessory.  Pull out small, wavy wisps around the face, and use a jumbo iron to curls ends of twists if necessary.

    Stylist: Lupita Bailey, San Antonio, TX


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    For the warm weather months, Damien Carney says subtle texture is a perfect way to achieve trendy style with minimal maintenance. 

    Try this sizzling short hair look.

    Jagger Look Three
    Start with a smooth coif that’s fringe-focused and arc-shaped in the back. Dispense a dime-sized application each of I-C-E Molder matte texture creme and Definer aqua-shine wax into hands.  Emulsify thoroughly then “wreck” the surface of the hair by placing hands at the crown and ‘scrubbing’ them against the scalp while moving hands upward and away from the head.  Once hair is sufficiently lifted, detail and spray with I-C-E Blast spray adhesive.

    Don’t stop there… try two other versions of the Jagger look.  

    Jagger Look One
    Work Silk Result Sheer Gloss through hands.  Gently smooth hair with hands to eradicate fly-aways and impart shine.
    Jagger Look Two
    Scoop out a dime-sized portion of I-C-E Definer aqua shine wax and emulsify between hands.  Lightly palm hands over hair’s surface.  Spray I-C-E Half Blast onto a fine-toothed comb and lightly rake hair’s surface to create strong separation and high-wattage shine.

    Credits – from Joico’s Collection “54”
    Photographer: Hama Sanders
    Hair: Damien Carney for Joico Laboratories,
    Color: Sue Pemberton
    Make-up: Walter Obal
    Wardrobe Styling: Angelia Polsinelli

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    It’s By Design
    In order to achieve the less aggressive designs destined for summer, simplistic graduation techniques should be used to create movement and texture, versus the complex, more aggressive techniques of the past that included creating a foundation first, then going back and finishing by ‘shredding’ the hair.

    And the stylist who masters all tools wins the creative nod for this summer’s sure to be popular surfer/skater look.  When it comes to men’s grooming, the combination of clippers, shears and razor will be necessary to create the easy-going skater/surfer style.

    Color Tip:  Especially for the ladies…
    To perfect those romantic light summer tresses, buttercup, caramel and honey highlights will peek through layers of pearly blonde and muted beige tones to enhance the cut’s natural movement and texture. Redken Shades EQ offers new tones in its gold beige series including ‘Butterscotch’ and “Toffee” that work well to achieve this look.

    “Wicked” from Hair Cuttery’s
    Fairy Tales Collection
    Hair:  Shannon King
    Color: Amy Seabolt
    Salon: Hair Cuttery

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    Simple hand styling creates this great summer look.

    1.  Brush hair thoroughly. Tip head down and pull the sides back. Pull up the bottom next and follow with the top.  Ponytail should be high 1 to 2 inches above occipital bone.

    2. Put snag free grips in or rubber band using 2 bobbie pins on each end to really tighten.3. Optional: tight front or leave pieces out loosely for Bohemian look.

    3. Take the end of the the ponytail and pin in loosely let the natural texture explode.

    Stylist: Jet Rhys/ Jet Rhys Salon
    Photographer: Seth Sabal 

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    Tarnished reds, coppers, and pale creamy blondes

    Technique: Narrow lacing with Undercolor
    Products used: Aveda full spectrum haircolor

    Natural level:   5

    Color markings: (foil packets)

    Narrow lacing: (very fine slicing)
    10Y/V/B with 30 volume color catalyst
    8B/B with 20 volume color catalyst
    Enlightener with 10 volume color catalyst
    Enlightener with 30 volume color catalyst

    Undercolor: (tint)
    5Y/R/R with 20 volume color catalyst

    Photographer: Skye Mason

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    Made in the Shade

    For summer blonde, use a delicate hue more like the natural state of a child’s hair. Soft, almost sun kissed color.  To achieve this look, start by highlighting with Redken Lift 5/15 using diagonal partings for the foil placement.  Inside of each foil use a very random stitch alternating between very fine slices, back to back slices and an erratic weave that incorporated both fine pieces and bigger pieces.  Feather the Lift 5/15 gently away from the scalp to create a soft shadow and process the highlights to a level 10 lightest blonde.

    After shampooing and treating the hair, apply a base softener using Redken Shades Above Clear and process for 6 minutes.

    Then apply final formula… glaze used to add the right tone to the highlights and to add shine to the overall look.  For Barely There follow this formula using Redken Shades EQ: 1/2 oz. 09G Vanilla Cream (very light warm blonde), 1/2 oz. 09V Platinum Ice (very light platinum blonde), 1oz Crystal Clear (to dilute the formula to a level 10) with 2oz Shades EQ Processing Solution.

    Credits“Barely There” from the In the Flesh Collection 
    Hair: Tracy Guthrie
    Salon: ColorWorks – Washington DC