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November 6, 2008

Sanrizz “Sarah” Step-by-Step


Sanrizz “Sarah” Step-by-Step

Tony Rizzo and the Sanrizz Artistic Team proudly present the Sanrizz “Sarah” Step-by-Step.  Precision cutting in this fashion requires a degree of control, and the Sanrizz Team walks you through it one step at a time.  This strong fringe bob can be achieved with diagonal sectioning and low-level graduation.  “Sanrizz classic graduated neo-geo gives this slim line, sharp sophisticated shape,” said Sharon Cox, Sanrizz Education Director.  “Clean angular lines and soft internal graduation gives a feel of strength and femininity.” Follow each step below for stunning results.

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    Step 1. To produce the shape through the front comb the hair down and cut your line through your comb.

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    Step 2. Move in to the sides and create your base line making sure you keep the hair in its natural fall.

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    Step 3. Working towards your parting drawing all hair down towards your guide. (Note it is important to minimize tension around the ear).

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    Step 4. Now that the side base line is completed move in to the back taking a diagonal section from the breaking point towards centre back. Use the side as a guide and produce the base line in the back.

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    Step 5. Continue working with diagonal sections to the crown. Drawing the hair to the first section cut under your comb to create a strong base line.

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    Step 6. Once your base is completed start your graduation. From center back create your angle working with low-level graduation.

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    Step 7. Continue working diagonally over-directing back towards your first section. It is important to retain weight in the base.

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    Step 8. Take a diagonal section across the head at the crown and create your shape.  Control precision in your cutting.

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    For more information please visit www.sanrizz.com

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    For more information please visit www.sanrizz.com