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Last updated: October 20, 2020

3 Ways To Paint Teasylights

Carly Zanoni @the.blonde.chronicles 3 Ways To Approach Teasy Highlights
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How To Approach Teasy Highlights 3 Different Ways

Teasylights are an ideal technique for clients who want more of a lived-in, rooty look, however, some like a soft blend while others prefer something more high-contrast. So below, we’re sharing a genius post from BTC Team Member Carly Zanoni (@the.blonde.chronicles) that explains how to achieve a super blended hairline, a soft blend AND bold pops of brightness just by adjusting the size of your weave!


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If she wants a super blended hairline…

Carly says to keep the weave pretty tiny and do back-to-back foils for the money piece and hairline.


If she wants a soft blend overall…

Go with a medium-sized weave to leave just enough depth. This technique is ideal for low-maintenance clients who want a dimensional, lived-in look.


If she wants bold pops of brightness…

Opt for a chunky weave so the color doesn’t get lost. “The root shadow is crucial for these bold pops,” notes Carly in the caption. “You want them to look contrasty without looking stripy and harsh.”


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