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Last updated: August 02, 2021

Dip Teasylights: How It Works + Why You Should Try It

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Another New Way Of Blonding—DIP Teasylights?!

Looking for the secret to faster foiling on those rooty clients with lots of blonde maintenance? Check out this technique from BTC Team Member Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfessions) using a unique, half-moon-shaped parting for her teasylights to create a seamless blend from root to tip!


Why Is It Called “Dip” Teasylights?

“When I take my section, I do a dip (half moon shape) versus just a straight, horizontal subsection,” Samantha explains. 


Adding a dip-shaped parting within a foil pattern helps the teasylights to blend seamlessly from the root into the rest of the hair. This technique can suit any client, but it is especially helpful for rooty clients with heavy blonde maintenance!


Dip Teasylights benefits:

  • Creates bulk in the middle of sections for bold lightening
  • LESS foiling (!!!)
  • Blends hairline into the interior of hair 
  • Simple weave-and-tease application 


How To Section & Formulate

Dip teasylights can be easily added into any foil pattern!


Check out Samantha’s sectioning below! Notice how she uses Joico Blonde Life Lightening Powder to lighten diagonal sections on either side of the dip teasylights—this creates a flawless veil for huge dimension. 


Pro Tip:  Do NOT foil the area near the nape that is between the hairline foils and the dip teasylights. Samantha says, “Leaving this depth is going to make the blonde look so much brighter!” 


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Formula Breakdown:

Formula A (lightener)
Blonde Life Lightening Powder + 10-volume developer (working up to 25-volume developer throughout application) 

Formula B (roots) 
Joico LumiShine Demi Permanent Liquid Color 7N + 5-volume developer

Formula C (gloss)
Joico Blonde Life Quick Tone Liqui-Creme Toner Violet + Clear + 5-volume developer


Give It A Try—Get A Blonde Life Lightening Powder Sample HERE!


Dip Teasylights Application

  • Within the dip parted sections, create a standard weave and tease
  • Place a board underneath the weaved out section before applying lightener 
  • Paint the lightener on the middle of the section and through the ends, feathering upward to the root


Pro Tip: Brushing out a tease on wet hair can be tricky. Samantha says, “I do it at the shampoo bowl with a wide-tooth comb! Make sure you aren’t teasing too much—just one-two teases so that too much time is not spent combing it out.” 

Watch her full application demo here:

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A post shared by SAMANTHA | BLONDES + EDUCATION (@samanthasbeautyconfessions)


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