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Last updated: December 11, 2020

Foil Placement Strategies For Fast Blonding

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Foil Placement Education: Create Brighter Blondes With Less Foils 

Want to give clients bright blends with less foils, by cutting down your application times to an hour or less? We thought so. We had BTC Team Member Carly Zanoni aka @the.blonde.chronicles on Insta break down her foil placement strategies for creating lived-in blondes on BTC University. Click here to purchase the class and use code BC5 for $5 off! Keep scrolling for everything you’ll learn in this online course!




Takeaway Tips:

You can learn Carly’s full technique in her 90-minute course, but we’re teasing these tips you need to know now!


Tip #1: Flip Your Brush For Better Blends

To start, Carly applies her lightener with the brush completely flat against the section. This allows her to apply the most amount of product and ensure thorough saturation. Then, Carly suggests flipping the brush onto its side and using the edge to feather product up for a more blended and diffused look. 


Tip #2: Creating A Back Money Piece

Every client loves a bright face frame, but what about giving the back hairline a little glow? To create brightness in the back, Carly shared these go-to steps:

  • Create a diagonal back section starting where your front side foils have stopped (right behind the top of the ear) to the center of the back hairline.  


  • The section should be medium in size, Carly explains it like this: “You want the sections to be fine enough so that the hair can lift, but you still want to be able to weave the section for a seamless blend.” 


  • When feathering the lightener up, bring the product all the way to the edge of the foil. This will help create maximum brightness around the hairline. 


Tip #3: Use Strategic Foil Placement 

When it comes to planning her foil roadmap, Carly likes to focus on where she can make the most impact. That means not stressing over areas that should remain dark—like the center back of the client’s head. “Since this area is covered by the top quadrant, I’m not going to put 100 foils here, no one will see it,” she explains. Instead, Carly will use her technique in the top crown area and tip out the ends in the back to create a cohesive look.


Slide For The Gorgeous Before & After

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Have Questions? Carly Has Answers!

One of the benefits of watching a course on BTC University? Artists are able to answer your questions in REAL TIME! Here are some technical questions viewers had for Carly during her livestream:


Question: What advice do you have for stylists that tend to over foil?

Answer: “When you’re in the back mixing color, come up with a game plan in your head. Have a general idea of where you’re going to start and where the biggest impact areas will be. Start your technique in those high-impact areas and work from there.”


Q. Since you feather the lightener all the way up, how do you control warmth at the root?

A. “So the most important thing to remember is not to load the lightener at the top of the section. My lightener will graze that teased area just a little bit but nothing too crazy. I also make sure that wherever I place lightener, that hair is in foil. The other thing too is to always expect some warmth with any blonding service because less product is used in that area. That is why root melts are an important step in your service.”


Tap The Beaker For Carly’s Formula Deets! 

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  • Formula A (front)

    (1:1.5) Schwarzkopf Professional IGORA® VARIO Blond Plus Powder Lightener + 10-volume IGORA ROYAL® Oil Developer

  • Formula B (sides)

    (1:1.5) IGORA® VARIO Blond Plus Powder Lightener + 15-volume IGORA ROYAL® Oil Developer 

  • Formula C (back)

    (1:1.5) IGORA® VARIO Blond Plus Powder Lightener + 20-volume IGORA ROYAL® Oil Developer 

  • Formula D (root melt)

    Equal parts IGORA VIBRANCE® 5-1 + 7-1 + 6-volume IGORA VIBRANCE® Activator Gel 

  • Formula E (ends)

    15 g IOGRA VIBRANCE® 9,5-49 + 15 g 9,5-1 + 5 g 9,5-5 + 5 g clear + 6-volume IGORA VIBRANCE® Activator Gel 

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