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Last updated: June 29, 2022

3 Brush Hacks For Blended Balayage + Teasylights

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How To Blend Without Breakage Or Splotches 

Do you dread brushing out teasylights at the end of a foil service? When you rinse out a toner to find uneven gaps or spots, what should you do? We’re sharing hair hacks that will save you time (and prevent mistakes!) behind the chair. Read these brush tricks below to blend with EASE. 


#1: How To Detangle Teasylights 

Real talk: We love the blended results we can achieve with teasylights, but the worst part is brushing out the backcombed hair. Not only can this cause breakage, but it’s also an uncomfortable (and sometimes painful!) experience for clients if the hair is not brushed out correctly. 


Here’s how @caitlyncabanhair detangles teasylights: 


  • Work your way from the bottom to the top.
  • Hold the top of the client’s head for better control. 
  • Use the Olivia Garden OG Opal Brush for fine to medium hair. 


How to choose the right brush: Caitlyn detangles with the OG Brush, aka the only brush with a removable cushion for cleaning and sanitizing. The brush is designed to hug the scalp with special bristles for gentle detangling—perfect for brushing out teasylights!


Plus, the OG Brush Opal Collection had a recent sustainability makeover. The brushes are made with 100 percent recycled plastic (excluding the bristles and cushion.) 


Watch the tutorial below to learn how to detangle teased hair.

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#2: Gloss Cheat To Avoid Splotchy Color 

The reality is… Sometimes saturation can be deceiving, says @clevelandhairboss. When applying a glaze or toner, even if the hair appears to be fully saturated, take a few small steps to make sure there are no holes or spots in the finished result.


Do this: Make sure the ends are completely saturated. As you work down the midshaft, open up sections to ensure everything is covered. If it’s not, run the Olivia Garden iBlend Brush to blend the mids and ends. 


Pro Tip: The iBlend Brush is designed to fully saturate color, removing excess product and gaps for even blends. The brush features dual-length bristles that help separate and penetrate the hair


SOUND ON: Watch this fast how-to! 

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#3: Hairline Hack for A Blended Face Frame 

When customizing your client’s money piece and face frame, the magic is in the details, says @robynthestylist. That’s why she blends at the bowl with the OG Brush to ensure max brightness and diffusion so everything grows out seamlessly. 


Pro Tip: Looking for an eco-friendly salon update that’s EASY to implement now? Swap out your detangler with the OG Brush Opal Collection to reduce your carbon footprint. 


Sooo satisfying! Watch the video below. 

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