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Last updated: October 18, 2022

3 Ways To Paint A Money Piece 💸

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How To Paint A Money Piece 3 Different Ways

So here’s the tea: Money pieces are MAJOR moneymakers. 💰 But not all clients have the perfect hairline for rocking one. And while some guests want a bolder pop of dimension, others want something more natural to ensure the fade out is seamless. If adjusting your technique is a struggle, keep reading because we’re breaking down a genius Instagram post from BTC Team Member Carly Zanoni (@the.blonde.chronicles) that explains three ways to paint a money piece.


1. A Money Piece On A Widows Peak/Uneven Hairline

When working with uneven hairlines, paint two super tiny (not teased) babylights right on the hairline and then paint three teased and weaved sections back-to-back directly behind those babylights.


2. A Natural-Looking Money Piece

For clients with a generally straight hairline, keep it simple and natural-looking by painting three teased and weaved foils back-to-back.



3. A Bold Money Piece

If she wants a bigger, brighter pop in the face-frame, start by painting three teased and weaved foils back-to-back. Then, directly behind those, take a triangular section, weave and tease it and then start the lightener application about 2 to 3 inches off the hairline. “This prevents it from looking chunky at the top but makes it appear bolder right around the face, starting around eye level,” shares Carly.


BONUS! To paint the ultimate money piece, combine all three techniques! Tap the right arrow on the below post to watch how Carly does it to create a super bold pop of blonde that blends like a dream.

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