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Last updated: May 15, 2009

Trendy Bridal Style from diPietro Todd’s Sam Hayes Jr.

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Trendy Bridal Style from diPietro Todd’s Sam Hayes Jr.

Not every bride wants a “generic” style on her wedding day. Some brides want to look beautiful but still want to maintain themselves and their style on their big day. Sam Hayes Jr. of diPietro Todd Salon in San Francisco, CA explains how he used Rene Furterer products to create a wedding day look for his “edgy” client.


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    “The bride wanted to tone down her normal look and be more classic for her wedding so she chose a beautiful, classic, strapless gown but still wanted to have fun with her hair and accessories. So keeping that in mind I designed a half up, half down, style, which she loved and was perfect for the occasion,” says Hayes, Jr.

    The Style: Hayes Jr. kept the sides of the look very slim with a cool pomp on top of the head and soft flowing waves in back.

    Step 1: Prep hair with Rene Furterer Okara 2-Phase Leave-In Protective Conditioner, and Rene Furterer Sculpting Gel Strong Hold then blow dry until completely dry.

    Step 2: Use a 1½ -inch barrel curl iron and curl the whole head, pinning each section as you go and let set during her make-up application.

    Step 3: Remove the pins, letting the curls fall then flip her head over and finger comb the curls out.

    Step 4: Ask her to flip her hair back over then and section the hair in half at a diagonal from ear to crown to ear.

    Step 5: Backcomb the sides lightly, backcombing the top and crown with a little more strength at the base so the pomp stays in-tact throughout the night. For a bride, durability and dance-ability is key!

    Step 6: Next, use a Mason Pearson brush to smooth the top into the pomp and use bobby pins to keep in place.

    Step 7: Brush the sides back tightly and place bobby pins about an inch behind the ears to keep in place. Once the top and side are to your liking, use your fingers or a brush to finish off the waves in back.  Finish with Rene Furterer Finishing Spray Instant Hold.