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Last updated: June 29, 2009

Sidlab Haircouture Revitalizing How-To

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Sidlab Haircouture Revitalizing How-To

Summer is here and clients need a little “revitalizing” to get hair looking healthy after hours of fun in the sun.  “I have never had a client ask for dull, dry and parched hair,” says Eric Alan Nelson, president of Sidlab Haircouture.  “In the salon I offer this revival to “summerize” their strands!” 


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    Shampoo the hair using Sidlab Haircouture Lather Shampoo and condition with Sidlab Haircouture Rinse. Trim ends.

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    Apply Sidlab Haircouture Mend to slightly damp hair.  Remember to focus on all the dry, sun-kissed areas like the crown and ends. 
    Quick Fact:  Sidlab Haircouture Mend uses a combination of essential oil, wheat and milk silk proteins and mega moisture complex to nourish and repair damaged hair. Mend is Paraben-free to promote health.

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    Step 3:  Place a processing cap over hair to protect and retain heat.

    Step 4:  Place client under a hood dryer for 15-20 minutes, allowing the repairing treatment to “bake” in.

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    Step 5:  Rinse hair with cool or tepid water.
    Quick Fact:  Hair is similar to skin, and since warm water opens and expands the cuticle, the cold water closes it right up. Doing this traps in some of the protein and moisture. Did you know cold water rinsing also increases shine!

    Step 6:  Blow dry hair and add a few Sidlab Haircouture Satin Shine Drops.  This will protect the hair from the heat and sun, help weigh down frizz and provide irresistible shine.  Style off with a flat iron and spritz a little Sidlab Haircouture Chic Styling Spray before she heads out the door.

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