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April 29, 2015

Relaxed Textured Waves from Joico


Relaxed Textured Waves from Joico

Simple braids are great, but to deliver the textured look she really want’s, it’s time to shake up her style. Joico’s newest revolutionary styling product Hair Shake is unlike any texturizer you’ve used before. The magic happens the second you shake the bottle. A stainless steel ball inside starts turning the liquid-to-powder texturizer into a mirco-fine mist that amps up hair with lots of volume, giving you the freedom to create a variety of fun, hip looks. Here, braided hair is released and infused with Hair Shake to create a relaxed, wavy texture she can rock all day long.

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    Begin by creating two, low, side braids.

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    Shake up Joico Hair Shake, and as you shake you will be able to hear the ball bearing rattling around inside!

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    Apply Hair Shake by spraying it on the braids.

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    Add heat to the braids with a blow-dryer.

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    Allow braids to cool, then undo the hair elastic.

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    Separate the hair as you remove the braids.

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    Add more Hair Shake to the hair to give the waves more texture by scrunching the product into the hair.

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    For additional body, backcomb the ends with your fingers to fill out the bottom of the hair.

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    To finish the style, use your hands to create added texture and volume throughout.

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