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Last updated: May 31, 2017

Texturize With Treatment

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Texturize With Treatment

Sometimes your client wants to take a break from her routine relaxing treatment and make the switch to texturized hair. PHYTO makes the complicated process much simpler with their Phytorelaxer, a five-phase process for superior (and safe!) straightening and smoothing, that can also be used as a texturizer. See how it’s done with this step-by-step!

Manufacturer: PHYTO, @phytousa

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    Select a small section of hair near the nape for a strand test and mix parts of Straightening Cream and Inductor. Apply straightening complex to the strand (only on virgin hair, not previously relaxed hair). Process for 20 minutes for Index 1 or 15 to 25 minutes for Index 2. Rinse, neutralize and condition, then evaluate the results.

    Note: If hair and scalp show signs of breakage or irritation, do not proceed with texturizer.

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    Comb hair down to its natural fall and apply Pre-Care Balm to the skin around the hairline, nape, ears and any other sensitive areas. Then lightly apply Nourishing Styling Pomade to the scalp using your fingertips or a rattail comb.

    For the new growth area only, apply Baobab Oil to previously relaxed hair from the midshaft to ends using a tint brush.

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    On virgin hair only, section the hair into equal quadrants. Start the application of the straightening complex on the back quadrants (or most resistant area) toward the front. Then apply to the hairline, nape, ears and any other sensitive areas. Process for 20 minutes for Index 1 or 15 to 25 minutes for Index 2.

    Next, smooth hair with the straightening complex from the roots to ends. Smooth the hairline last. During smoothing time, check every 2 minutes until desired straightness is achieved.

    For new growth area only, do not apply straightening complex on previously relaxed hair. Only apply the straightening and smoothing complex on new growth, and avoid overlapping onto previously texturized or relaxed hair. Follow the above instructions.

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    Rinse out texturizing complex thoroughly with lukewarm water paying close attention to the ears, nape and forehead. Shampoo the entire head with Neutralizing and Cleansing Emulsion for a minimum of three shampoos until pink foam becomes white.

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    Once the neutralization process is complete, apply Milky Restructurer on towel-dried hair. Gently distribute throughout hair with a wide-tooth comb. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse well. Towel-dry and style as desired.

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