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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Relaxed Rope Braid from Olivia Garden

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Relaxed Rope Braid from Olivia Garden

During CuteCircuit’s spring/summer 2015 runway show, stylist T. Cooper, was inspired by the idea of a girl who goes to the beach to get a tan before a gala she is attending during the evening. She loses track of time while sunning and has to quickly transform her beach hair into evening hair. Using products from Olivia Garden and Not Your Mother’s Hair Care, Cooper and her team from Metro Look created a relaxed, side rope braid that is trendy and chic. Here’s how she did it!

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    Brush and smooth out the hair using the Olivia Garden Divine Combo Brush to massage the scalp and detangle knots.

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    Generously spray hairspray from roots to ends to create texture and curl memory to the hair.

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    Section half the hair up and put it in an Olivia Garden Double Clip.

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    Section another half and start curling the hair, starting from the back. Begin curling the hair from the back of the head with a 1-inch curling wand. Take the wand and hold for 3 seconds, continuing throughout the hair. Leave the ends uncurled. Spray with texture spray and scrunch it in to create even more body and texture.

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    Take the Olivia Garden Carbosilk Technical Comb (CS-T4) to create a deep side part. Take the same Olivia Garden Carbosilk Technical Comb (CS-T4) and tease at the root. Pull all hair to the side of your choice. Split the hair in two sections and twist in the opposite direction, that way it won’t unravel.

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    Continue to twist all the way until you reach the bottom. Secure the braid with a clear, small hair elastic and tug at it until you like the shape.

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