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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Vintage Fishtail Braid by Olivia Garden

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Vintage Fishtail Braid by Olivia Garden

Braids are all the rage, especially when it comes to bridal hair. Here, the experts at Olivia Garden take a spin on a classic vintage side wave by adding in a somewhat hidden fishtail braid. Try his elegant side-swept ‘do on your next bride to be!

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    Blow-dry the hair using the Olivia Garden® NanoThermic Ceramic & Ion Round Thermal Brush or paddle brush depending on hair density). Section the hair with a right side parting to the nape area using the pointed end of Olivia Garden® Carbosilk Teasing Comb. Smooth the parted section back toward the nape with the Divine Care & Style Brush.

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    Twist the sectioned hair upward at the nape area and pin with grips (bobby pins) to hold in place. For left side section,start at the nape and use the Olivia Garden® Carbosilk Styling Comb making 2-inch horizontal partings. Comb the section and curl the hair horizontally. Pin the curl in place with metal clips. For added volume, curl each section starting in the crown area close to the scalp. For the bang area, curl hair toward the face. Let curls cool and set.

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    Comb the hair out. Starting in the nape area remove the clips, dropping curls vertically. Once all pins are removed, starting brushing the hair out using the Olivia Garden® Divine Care & Style Brush.  Take 2 sections of curls, brush each section of curls together from underneath the wave pattern and lightly tease the hair with the Divine brush to keep the curls together. Repeat this process through the entire curl section to create the vintage wave. Brush hair into the desired wave pattern. Around the hair line area, use clips to hold the wave pattern in place. To create the fishtail braid, start the braid in the wave pattern. The finished look will be slightly hidden in the vintage wave.

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