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September 28, 2014

Twisted, French Rope Braid


Twisted, French Rope Braid

Inspired by an updo sported by supermodel Heidi Klum on the red carpet, Heather Chapman of Heather Chapman Hair, decided to replicate the look on her client.  This twisted, French rope braid is hip, edgy and chic. It’s the perfect, creative updo for the client looking for something a little different—something with a twist.

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    Begin with clean dry hair. Spritz on a root boost or volumizing spray at the roots and blow-dry in, lifting the hair off of the scalp with your fingers as you blast the hair dry.

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    Roughly curl all of the hair for volume & separation. (I used a ghdf lat iron for these curls). Once curled, blast roots and midlengths a bit with dry shampoo for texture and grip.

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    Section the hair into two sections from the top of the crown using your fingers. You want to use your fingers instead of a perfectly combed section to create a more natural look.

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    Create a French rope braid on the front section from one side through to the other. Secure the elastic loosely and leave about 6 inches of hair at the ends.

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    Loosen the rope braid by carefully pulling on the braid. Start at the bottom of the braid and work your way up.

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    Backcomb the back section of the hair at the top of the scalp to create a base for pinning. Roughly gather the back section of hair and just draw it up to the backcombed base and pin to your liking. Tip: Do not open your bobby pins. Just push them right in. Do this until you have lifted up all of the hair and creatively pinned it to your preference.

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    Drape the loosened rope braid underneath the finished back look and pin into place. You can use bobby pins to open the loops of the rope braid even further. Just be delicate as you go. 

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