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July 3, 2012

Modern Pixie from Angelo Seminara


Modern Pixie from Angelo Seminara

Nothing enhances beautiful bone structure more than a chic short haircut. And this modern pixie by Angelo Seminara doesn’t skimp on the chic whatsoever. It’s feminine, alluring, classy and downright stunning. From his Náttúra Collection for Davines, here’s Angelo’s complete cutting how-to.

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  • 1

    Start by dividing the hair into seven clean sections (according to the diagram).

  • 2

    Starting from the side, take diagonal sections. Cut your first section at finger length starting from the back moving towards the front, from shorter length to longer. Continue though the nape area where you will establish a very short perimeter. Once you’ve reached the occipital bone the section will be completed.

  • 3

    Now move to the temple area, take a diagonal section, hold it with your fingers keeping them parallel to the section pointing downwards. Elevate each section to create graduation up to the recession area.

  • 4

    Extend the sections through the sides, the occipital bone and the crown area creating a circular rounded section.

  • 5

    Continue following the pattern according to the figures. Elevation will more or less be applied accordingly to the type of hair you are cutting. Repeat the same technique on the remaining side of the head.

  • 6

    Establish the length of the fringe according to the somatic structure of your client’s face and start cutting it by taking semi diagonal sections. Cut by using your comb to hold the hair down creating a slightly curved line to suite the face. By taking vertical sections blend your sections in the crown area possibly on dry hair. After you have created the basic look, deep cut into the fringe and the rest of the hair to recreate the windswept feel. If possible cut from the root area sliding out towards the ends of the hair.

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