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Last updated: February 12, 2018

The Modern-Day Pomp

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The Modern-Day Pomp

If creating killer pomps, over-the-top fades and killer undercuts is your thing, then the American Crew All-Star Challenge is your kind of competition. After winning the U.S. competition, Alyssa Brasket packed her bags for Rome, Italy where she competed against 14 other top barbers from around the world for a chance to be named the Global Champion. After selecting her model for the final photo shoot competition (she had the grueling task of selecting one guy out of a group of gorgeous Italian models) to pose and smolder for American Crew Founder, David Raccuglia, as he shot the photo that would ultimately determine the winner of the Global Challenge.


“I’m so lucky I was able to get the model I did. He was the guy, that when I saw him I thought, this is my American Crew guy,” notes Alyssa. “I felt I could get by with any haircut, but I really wanted the face to represent American Crew.”


After selecting her model and choosing a classic wardrobe of black and white, which Alyssa said paired perfectly with the cut and style she was going for, she began her consultation just as she would with any new client. “My model sat down and said, ‘I trust you, do whatever you want,” said Alyssa. “I was very lucky to have such a cool model who was confident in my abilities.” For the cut, Alyssa chose to create a look with the flare of a pompadour, but a modern-day version of the classic look. “This short version of a pomp is great for guys who are trying to grow out their hair into a longer pomp—this is the way they want to go.”


“I did one of the me’s workshop cuts from American Crew,” shares Alyssa. “I’ve been studying a little about it cause I want to become Team Crew, and this was a great opportunity to show off what I learned.”


Artist: Alyssa Brasket

Products Used


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    Wet the hair, then apply American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion to give the hair more  hold and to keep the hair moisturized during the cut. Part the hair, then section out a horseshoe shape on the top of his head.

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    Perform scissor-over-comb on the sides of the head. Starting on the right side of the temple at his sideburns, work your way up, leaving length but no skin exposed, and follow your guide all the way through to the other side.

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    Use the length on top as a guide. The cut should be shorter on the sides and longer on top. To finish use open shears to add texture to the cut.

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    Wash the hair with American Crew Daily Shampoo and Daily Moisturizer to get all of the excess hair out so that it is nice and clean for the style.

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    Then apply American Crew Firm Hold Gel, blow-drying the hair using a round brush. Once the hair is dry, apply American Crew Defining Paste. The Defining Paste is a medium hold and it’s a very natural hold. You can run your fingers through it and you just massage it into the roots and pull up, it’s very versatile.