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Last updated: February 15, 2018

How-To: Modern Men’s Cut with a Hard Part

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Summer is here and beachy waves and sun-kissed balayage seems to be all anyone is talking about…but what about the guys?! They need a hot summer style just as much as the girls do! And this modern men’s cut with a handsome hard part? It’s the perfect cut for any client, from the sporty guy to the guy who’s a little more style-shy.


Sarah Cottrell created this modern men’s cut for The Look competition on the Sport Clips’ stage at the 2016 Huddle in San Antonio last April and won the grand prize for her total transformation. The inspiration? She looked to past generations (think the ’30s and ’40s) to capture that older, cleaner and more mature cut. Then to modernize the look, she added a hard part inspired by modern-day soccer players. Good call, girl! We love us some soccer boys and their fresh-off-the-field style! Here’s how you can master the look in your chair.

Manufacturer: Sport Clips


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    To Cut the Back and Side Working Areas
    Comb the hair above the temple area where the hairline recedes slightly, then use your trimmers to create a hard part on either the right or left side.

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    To create a high fade, clipper-cut to about a ½ inch below the horseshoe parting on both the sides and back using a #4 guard.

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    Next, use a #3 guard and clipper-cut up to the middle of the temple on the sides and back of the head.

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    Then, with a #2 guard, clipper-cut up to the bottom of the temple on the sides and back. Then, use a #1 guard around the perimeter of the sides and back and a 1½-inch guard to connect the area between the 1 and 2 guards.

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    To Cut the Top Working Area
    Take a 1-inch Mohawk strip parting from the back to the front across the top of the head. Then, using a 90-degree holding angle, cut the hair in the crown using the guide from the clipper area in the back.

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    The length in the crown will be shorter but as you move over the crown toward the front working area, the length will increase to 2½ inches.

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    Use your Mohawk strip as a guide and ½-inch horizontal partings to cut the rest of the hair in the top working area, (making sure it connects with the sides and back!) 


    Blending Pro Tip: Hold the comb vertically to blend the side with the hard part. Blend up to just below the hard part between the hard part and the #4 guard. Then, with your shears, blend the side without the hard part using a shear-over-comb technique.

  • We caught up with Sarah after the craziness from the weekend had died down, and guess what? She’s moved on to huge things! Since The Huddle, Sarah has recently taken on the new role of assistant manager at her Sport Clips Salon in South Carolina. “To do a competition like this and to win…it’s totally built my confidence,” she says. “I feel more sure of myself when I’m doing hair and I don’t second guess myself as much. It’s been a really, really great thing. I’m more confident now not only when I’m doing hair but also just in everyday life.”


    Sarah and Sport Clips Founder and CEO Gordon Logan
    after she took home The Look competition title!


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