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Last updated: February 09, 2024

Meet The Hairstylist Behind K-Pop Sensation BTS’ Most Famous Looks

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Mujin Choi Reveals Industry Secrets in BTC-Exclusive Interview

If there’s one thing we know about men’s trends, it’s that record-breaking South Korean boy band BTS is at the heart of it all. From the return of “The Leo” haircut to BTS member V’s “leaf perm,” this sensational music group has influenced styles across the globe. The mastermind behind it all: Hot K-Pop hairstylist and British M (@britishm_usa) Global Celebrity Stylist Mujin Choi (@hairbymujin).


We sat down with Mujin to hear about the origins of BTS’ most popular hairstyles, his rise into celebrity hairstyling and his dreams for the future. Keep scrolling for the inside scoop!


Mujin Choi himself:

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Mujin’s dreams evolved with his time in the industry.

Mujin recently opened a gorgeous new salonFaire by Mujinin the heart of Seoul, South Korea. Clients from all over the world book cut and color appointments in Mujin’s famed chair.


Lauded as one of the world’s top celebrity stylists, Mujin makes a point to strive for quality over quantity. “When I first started out as a hairstylist, I had the desire to be better off and style famous celebrities for my dream come true,” he shares. Now, Mujin wants to foster qualitative development in the Korean beauty industry. How? “[By] working with like-minded designers as well as our crew [at] Faire so that the name comes to people’s mind when they think about it.”


A look inside Mujin’s Faire:

Photo Courtesy of AHPR Group


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The inspiration for Mujin’s styles? The music itself.

Whether he’s working with choreographers, costume designers or the band members themselves, Mujin’s goal is to create a hair concept that’s in-tune with both the album and the creative process. “Interaction matters,” he explains. “Sometimes [BTS] members propose a style they want to try, and there are times when I propose a style change to the members. We always think about the members’ hair and constantly collect various inspirations and ideas.”


This method is an integral part of hairdressing on the road. “[There] are times when we have to suddenly change the hairstyle depending on the members’ condition or current situation on the day of the photoshoot or concert,” Mujin says. “In such cases, we suggest appropriate alternatives from various options that we have thought about beforehand to complete the style.”


Mujin tailored BTS stars J-Hope and Jin’s hair for a live broadcast:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @hairbymujin


Mujin uses hair color to express each BTS members’ individuality.

When you style the world’s favorite boy band, the pressure is on to maintain appearances. While one-on-one photoshoots and albums allow for more individual expression, Mujin aims to deliver a cohesive look that also sets each member apart when the band is all together.


“In these situations, what matters most is to consider hair color. First, we listen to each member’s opinion on what color they want for the album, and then work to harmonize those preferences. There was a time when a member wanted a red color, but it did not fit into the overall concept, so we met in the middle with a pastel pink color,” Mujin explains. “Once the color is sorted out, we move on to styling and hair accessories, which are usually based on the costumes. When we style the hair to match the clothes, it creates harmony and unity within the group’s overall look.”


Mujin gives each of the seven BTS members a custom hairstyle based on their unique personalities: 

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Being a celeb hairdresser means ALWAYS creating new styles.

According to Mujin, the number one requirement for celebrity hairdressers is to always be searching for your next new style. It’s certainly a challenge, but Mujin has some advice: Find new hair concepts and connect them with style.


I try to be vigilant about collecting various inspirations such as movies, magazines and Pinterest without limitations,” he shares. “It is necessary to get immersed in everything around you so that you can stay connected with hair. Being well prepared can allow me to express various hairstyles without hassle, even when confronting unexpected situations.”


Pro tip: Mujin always makes sure to have a texturizing product—such as British M Sea Salt Spray—to highlight movement, texture and variation in his clients’ hair.


See how Mujin creates his K-Pop Idol haircut (a.k.a. half forehead haircut + down perm!)

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Mujin’s best reviewed service: Texture treatment.

Many of Mujin’s clients have very soft, straight hair. While Mujin credits Sassoon Academy for his go-to angles and positioning, he believes his texture treatment is most critical for servicing this hair type.


Texture treatment is important not only when working with Korean customers, but also with the diverse customers I encountered while working in Los Angeles,” Mujin explains. “Many customers who came to my salon had the kind of hair that lacks layers or texture processing.”


The results: Clients who received Mujin’s texture treatment and styling recommendations found their hair was easier to manage—and continued to buy his recommended products.


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What’s next for Mujin? Between styling K-Pop idols and caring for a global clientele at Faire, we expect to see his work continuing to influence countless incoming trends across the the world.


BTS styled for FILA:

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