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Last updated: February 06, 2018

Carved and Classic For the Win!

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Carved and Classic For the Win!

The best barbers and men groomer’s from around the world converged in Rome, Italy to compete for the title of American Crew All-Star Global Champion. After a final photo shoot with fresh models, the competition was stiff. With 15 talented finalists all vying for the same title, the winner’s work had to be exceptional, it had to embody the brand and it had to truly speak to the essence of American Crew. After careful deliberation, the judges declared Sergiy Shapochka of Ukraine the Global Champion.


“It feels amazing. I still can’t believe I did it,” shares Sergiy. “The first two days of competition was outstanding—meeting each other, talking, watching how each other works—this has been an experience I will never forget,” shares Sergiy.


For his final look, Sergiy took inspiration from classic films of the ’60s and ’70s—”Rebel Without a Cause.” “He is a character like James Dean and James Bond; the guy that is quiet, masculine and discreet, and speaks with his actions, not with his words,” said Sergiy.

Artist: Sergiy Shapochka


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    Start with the crown and section off the hair.

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    Start to cut from short to long, with the longer sections in the front of the head.

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    Crosscheck horizontally to ensure that the hair is even on all sides.

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    Section the horseshoe.

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    Cut the sides shorter, tailoring them down to the nape.

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    Connect the cut with the part on the crown to the temples.

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     Overdirect the fringe to the left and right of the temples; make sure to maintain length in the middle.

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    Clean the outlines.

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    Style with American Crew Boost Cream and American Crew Spray Gel.