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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Mitchel Wilson Recreates Hayden Panettiere’s Chic Crop

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Mitchel Wilson Recreates Hayden Panettiere’s Chic Crop

For celebs like Hayden Panettiere, 2010 is the year of long lock liberation. Forget droopy, nondescript tendrils; this short, lively style makes a chic statement. “It’s suitable for many face shapes,” says Mitchel Wilson, International Creative Director TONI&GUY/TIGI Talent, but he recommends avoiding oblong or rectangular faces. “With diamond face shapes, where the head narrows at the parietal ridge, use vertical graduation to fill in the shape,” he adds. Here’s his how-to.

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    Take a horseshoe parting from recession to recession encompassing the crown. Further divide the horseshoe with a horizontal parting in front of the crown. Take a central parting from the horseshoe section to the nape. From the central parting take two diagonal forward partings along the occipital bone, then within the nape triangle take a pivoting diagonal forward section.

    Distribute this nape section to 90-degrees and point cut a graduation line to decrease in length, continuing the graduation technique with pivoting diagonal forward subsections.

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    Once nape is complete, take a central section from the horseshoe section to the occipital.

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    Secondary view of parting.

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    Elevate to 90-degrees and point cut a vertical graduation line to blend with the nape graduation.

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    Continue from central back to the front hairline with slightly diagonal forward partings, cutting to the traveling vertical graduation guide. Overdirect the last couple of sections at the front for some softness and length in the perimeter.

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    Detail the outside edge with channel cutting and deep parallel point cutting. 

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    Release the back portion of the horseshoe section, then take a central section, elevate to 90-degrees and slice the line round.

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    Continue through the top back with pivoting radial sections, slicing to your guide.

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    In front of the horseshoe section, take a horizontal section, establishing the guide length from the back area of the horseshoe, then visually slicing the line square.

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    Continue working to the front hairline with horizontal sections, overdirecting to the previous horizontal section to maintain the fringe length.

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    Personalize the shape with suitable texture techniques.

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    Apply Catwalk Sleek Mystique Fast Fixx Style Prep by TIGI, then use hands as you blow-dry to create texture and shape. For more volume at the tops, apply Catwalk Your Highness Thickening Gel Crème by TIGI, and use a vent brush to reverse lift from the front of the crown through to the front hairline.

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    Finish with Rockaholic Way Out Super Hair Glue by TIGI for texture and hold.

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    Hayden’s cut is bold and daring, but the risk certainly pays off. “This style suits Hayden exceptionally well,” says Mitchel. “Her face emerges and shines.”