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Last updated: December 07, 2009

Kate Hudson’s “NINE” Premiere Hair How-To

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Kate Hudson’s “NINE” Premiere Hair How-To

Kate Hudson was like a little dash of summer in the cold city of London during the world premiere for her latest movie Nine. Her hairstyle, courtesy of celebrity hairdresser David Babaii, was full and voluptuous, accented with a whimsical French braid. At a premiere full of high-profile actresses, Kate’s look definitely helped her stand-out. Here’s David’s complete styling how-to.

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    Step 1: Prep wet hair by massaging a dime-size amount of de-frizzing serum throughout. David used his David Babaii for WildAid Hair Polish.

    Step 2: Part hair into four sections—both sides and crown, leaving the nape area free. This gives you greater control and helps achieve the perfect blow dry.

    Step 3: Spray each section with a volumizing spray then dry straight, giving the ends a soft, slightly rounded finish.

    Step 4: French braid the fringe area to sweep hair back and away from the face, then spray the whole look with a light styling spray for a moveable hold.