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Last updated: June 25, 2010

Bryce Dallas Howard’s Modern ’60s ‘Do at the Twilight Premiere

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Bryce Dallas Howard’s Modern ’60s ‘Do at the Twilight Premiere

Bryce Dallas Howard looked like vampire bait (aka—beautiful!) at the premiere of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Star stylist David Babaii created her relaxed, Brigitte Bardot-inspired look using Moroccanoil. Luminous waves highlighted her luxurious titian-colored hair, accented with a subtle beehive. Her locks were pulled back on each side and her shiny strands were cascaded sensually down her back. For a finishing touch, Babaii released several strands to strategically fall forward and frame Bryce’s face for a modern ’60s effect. Here’s the complete how-to.

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    Step 1. David applied a small amount of original Moroccanoil Treatment to Bryce’s damp hair before blow-drying to condition. “I love using Moroccanoil Treatment with flat or curling irons when I work because the hair becomes even better conditioned and healthier,” says David.

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    Step 2. Once the hair was dry, David applied Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to the palm of his hands then randomly finger-combed sections of the hair for natural looking hold.

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    Step 3. After making a center part, he used a curling iron to form loose, flowing waves that were easy to work and to tuck behind the ears.

    Step 4. Next, he gently teased the hair at the crown to create a suggestion of a Bardot bee-hive, pinned the sides and left a soft cascade of hair flowing down her back.

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    Step 5. David lightly misted Bryce’s hair using Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray for an extra boost of natural-looking shine. “The spray really helps reflect her beautiful color, especially in the bright lights on the red carpet,” says David. “It was important to me to give the hair a luminous, ethereal look and perfect condition and luster was essential.”

    Step 6. To hold the hair in place, David finished the style with Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray.