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November 15, 2016

How-To: Perfect Pompadour


How-To: Perfect Pompadour

Pompadours have a long history. Worn by French royalty in the 1700s, the style has maintained its place as an icon ever since! Rock stars of the ’50s were proud of their pomps, and today the style is still just as fresh and modern. We got the how-to for the perfect pomp!


This cut from Eufora HERO for Men™ National Trainer Steve De Caro is easy to follow. Just remember: great cuts are simple if you follow your plan!

Artist: Steve De Caro
Manufacturer: Eufora, @euforainternational

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  • 1

    Establish The Guide
    Begin by creating a guide from the center front to the occipital bone. Project hair straight out at a 90-degree angle from the head. Cut a taper starting longer at the hairline and shorter as you round the crown of the head.

  • 2

    Blend The Top
    Maintaining a 90-degree angle straight up, start at the crown and cut from the center guide to the parietal ridge, taking ¼-inch subsections.

  • 3

    Blend The Crown
    Starting in the center back, cut at a 90-degree angle and blend the top to the parietal ridge.

  • 4

    Blend The Sides
    Using a scissor-over-comb cutting technique, blend the nape from the hairline to the parietal ridge.

  • 5

    Detail Edges
    Detail around the front side hairline and ears with the nose of your scissors.

  • 6

    Remove Bulk
    Blend and remove bulk with thinning shears along the parietal ridge.

  • 7

    Balance The Style
    Check the fringe balance by pulling the hair to the front forward and to the side. Prep hair for styling with PLIABLE POMADE, style and finish with TEXTURE PUTTY for definition.

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