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Last updated: October 27, 2017

Men’s Long-Layered Cut

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Long hair is in for the men in your chair—so you gotta know how to cut it! In this quickie video from Sport Clips, Area Coach Tara Crawford demonstrates how to create the perfect long-layered cut for the guys walking through your door. Here’s how it’s done. 

Artist: Tara Crawford
Manufacturer: Sport Clips

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    Work Paul Mitchell Hair & Body Moisturizer through the hair to keep it moist and the sections clean. Then, section the top working area (everything above the curve of the head) out of the way. Start the cut by taking a vertical section at the back of the head to create the interior guide. Hold the section at a 45-degree angle and cut the guide leaving 3 inches of length. This is the traveling guide.

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    Once the interior layers are complete, clean up the length around the perimeter. Start by raising the back up to the desired length, then overdirect the back perimeter and bottom guide to connect to the sides. (This will allow for the back to maintain some length while connecting to the sides.)

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    Next, section out the front bang area. Hold the front section with very little tension, then use a feather razor to gently carve the length to the bridge of the nose.

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    To cut the top, create a Mohawk section to connect the front guide with the back guide. The length on the top should be 3 inches when pulled up from the scalp. Then, split the Mohawk in half by dividing it straight down the middle.

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    Starting on the right side of the head, create a vertical parting no wider than a ½ inch. Here, you should be able to see the bottom and top guide, connect the two by removing the excess hair in the middle. Continue connecting the bottom guide to the top guide using vertical partings and traveling around the head until the back and both sides have been completed. Then, using the feather razor, detail and add texture throughout the haircut. And finally, style with Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream for the finished result. 

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    Finished look. 

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