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March 19, 2019

Double Knot Hoop Braid


Double Knot Hoop Braid

There is a reason Shayla Robertson aka @samirasjewely was the BTC #ONESHOT Festival Shot of the Year 2018 Winner. We mean, have you SEEN her Insta? If you’re one of her 57k followers (and if not, you should be) than you know how perfect Shayla’s plaits can be. So, when we saw this Double Knotted Hoop braid on Shayla’s Instagram we had to get her technique… and of course, share it. Get the steps and products used below!


Products Used


  • 1

    Prep the hair with Rose Elixir Spray from Sexy Hair. Comb the product through to tame frizz and ensure the braid is clean and smooth. 

  • 2

    Take two sections at the crown palms facing up. Grab the right section with your left hand and bring it under and over the left section. The section will look like a hoop with a tail.

  • 3

    While holding the hoop with your right hand, take the left section (the “tail”) and bring it over to the right side of the hoop. Move the section through the hoop and make a tight knot.


    Tension Tip: Hold your sections with medium tension when creating the hoops, but tight tension when creating the knot.

  • 4

    Repeat the technique adding sections that are the same size.


    Pro Tip: Shayla suggests this braid for longer-hair clients due to the double knotted technique.


  • 5

    Continue creating the braid down the head to the desired length.

  • 6

    To finish, secure the braid with an elastic and gently pull braid apart.

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