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August 22, 2018

Figure 8 Braid


Figure 8 Braid

A well-executed braid is practically guaranteed to get you a double-tap on Insta, and who better to teach a new braid than braiding queen, amika Global Artistic Director Naeemah LaFond? Scroll for the steps on how to achieve this half-up style with a Figure 8 braid and textured loose waves!


Manufacturer: amika, @amikapro

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  • 1

    Apply amika Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam throughout hair to rehydrate and refresh the hair.

  • 2

    Section out the crown from brow to brow into a V in the back of the head.

  • 3

    Secure the crown with a sectioning clip.

  • 4

    Secure bottom of hair with a ponytail holder to keep the hair out of the way while braiding.

  • 5

    Remove the top sectioning clip and detangle the hair at the crown.

  • 6

    Next, begin to create a Figure 8 Braid. First, take a 1-inch section going straight across and split that section into two. Grab a small piece from the outer right side and bring that traveling piece under the right over the left. Grab the traveling section and add hair from left. Bring hair under the left side and over the right. (Click here to watch a video how-to!)

  • 7

    Figure 8 braid technique continued.

  • 8

    Figure 8 braid technique continued.

  • 9

    Secure with a mini rubber band.

  • 10

    Spread out the braid to add texture and volume.

  • 11

    Cover the rubber band with a small piece of hair by wrapping it around the base of the braid.

  • 12

    Curl hair with 25mm curler—all hair should be curled away from face. Try the amika chameleon 5 barrel interchangeable curling kit, which gives you tons of versatility!

  • 13

    Brush hair with a grooming brush to smooth the waves into each other.

  • 14

    Spray with amika Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray throughout the curls for perfectly imperfect texture.

  • 15

    Add amika Vandal Volume Powder Spray to finish the look by adding matte volume and more texture.

  • 16

    Finished look.

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