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Last updated: September 01, 2022

Vanessa Hudgens’ Twisted Updo

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @vanessahudgens

No matter the season, knowing how to create timeless updos like this braided bun by Danielle Priano (@daniellepriano) is essential for your clientele. Keep reading to learn how to create the style Vanessa Hudgens, Haley Bieber and Addison Rae have rocked on the red carpet.


Vanessa Hudgens’ look for the 2022 Oscars red carpet show:

Photo Credit: Instagram via @vanessahudgens


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Products Used



Section off the face frame and part it down the middle. 


Apply SexyHair Active Recovery Repairing Blow Dry Foam to the remainder of the hair and gather it into a tight ponytail. 


Use SexyHair Spray & Play Hairspray to help secure the pony as tight as possible to create that “snatched look,” Danielle says. The limited-edition Spray & Play fragrances are Danielle’s new go-to, especially City Allure, which features refreshing white peach and amber glow. 


PRO TIP: Danielle uses two hair ties stacked on top of each other to create lift at the base, creating more room to stack the hair which makes the style appear fuller.


Use a brush to slick back the face frame, applying Spray & Play Hairspray to secure it. Wrap any remaining length around the hair ties.


Apply Active Recovery Repairing Blow Dry Foam and comb through the ponytail with your hands. Separate the hair in the ponytail into two parts and braid one half of it.


Take the unbraided portion of the ponytail and twist it to create different textures. Wrap the braid around the twisted portion and pin the braid to secure it.


Finish the look with Spray & Play Hairspray.


PRO TIP: Danielle uses a toothbrush to flatten and clean up the flyaways on the hairline.

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