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July 28, 2009

Aveda Prism Collection “Liz” Step-by-Step


Aveda Prism Collection “Liz” Step-by-Step

This look from Aveda’s “Prism” Collection is the perfect style to transition your client from summer into fall. A deep fringe and graduated, horizontal layers that frame the face, complemented with an all-over, layered color technique creates a look that’s full of dimension and surprise. Here’s the full cut and color how-to from Aveda’s Ricardo Dinis and Michael Black.

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  • 1
  • 2

    Create a center part from crown to nape and sub-divide from ear to ear. Cut a blunt perimeter line.

  • 3

    Drop successive subsections and use guide to complete perimeter shape.

  • 4

    Release front left panel and connect to the back with model’s head turned. Angle cut slightly downward to ensure longer length. Repeat on front right panel.

  • 5

    Finished perimeter shape. Blow dry using a flat wrap method.

  • 6

    Establish a fringe appropriate for guest. Here, the line sits at the model’s eye level.

  • 7

    Completed fringe.

  • 8

    Begin to create short, disconnected layers through the top of the head. Start guideline just below the fringe.

  • 9

    Elevate section and point-cut.

  • 10

    Increase elevation with each subsection.

  • 11

    Continue layering into the back panel of the hair cut.

  • 12

    Continue this technique through the back panel of hair. Take diagonal sections that follow the natural curvature of the head. Repeat on the other side.

  • 13

    Connect both sides through the top by point-cutting the point that is created.

  • 14

    Slice and point-cut to personalize the shape.

  • 15

    Completed cut. Ready for color.

    Natural Starting Level: 6

    Color Formulas:

    Full Spectrum™ Protective Permanent Creme Hair Color 40g 6N Dark Blonde + 2g Dark Yellow/Orange Pure Tone + 2g Dark Red/Violet Pure Tone + 40ml 20-Volume Color Catalyst™ Creme Developer

    Full Spectrum™ Protective Permanent Creme Hair Color 40g 7N Medium Blonde + 2g Dark Red/Violet Pure Tone + 40ml 30-Volume Color Catalyst™ Creme Developer

    Shades of Enlightenment™ Advanced Lifting Creme Hair Color 20g Dusk Extra Light Ash Blonde + 20g Sunrise Extra Light Beige Blonde + 40ml 40-Volume Color Catalyst™ Creme Developer

  • 16

    Take a horseshoe section separating the layered top of the hair cut and clip hair away. (Photo shows section divided for control.)

  • 17

    Take another inverted horseshoe section from behind each ear and include the point of distribution.

  • 18

    Apply barrier cream to protect client’s skin from color.

  • 19

    Apply Teak to entire back panel.

  • 20

    After apply Teak to the entire back panel, isolate entire section with foil.

  • 21

    Completed back panel.

  • 22

    Create a crescent section mirroring the side of the horseshoe section from the point of distribution to the top of the ear. Repeat on the other side.

  • 23

    Apply Rosewood to these panels.

  • 24

    Create a parting that parallels the front hairline from the top of the ear to the top section. Create an offset triangular-shaped section. Repeat on the oposite side of of the head.

  • 25

    Apply Beachwood to these panels. Isolate with foil.

  • 26

    Apply Teak to the remaining front hairline panels. Isolate with foiil.

  • 27

    Re-section the top panel, taking out a U-shaped fringe of hair.

  • 28

    Apply Teak to the entire panel.

  • 29

    Apply Rosewood to the remaining U-shaped subsection. Isolate with foil. Process according to directions. Shampoo and condition with Color Conserve products.

  • 30