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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Progressive Layered Cut from Aveda

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Progressive Layered Cut from Aveda

Here’s a luxe layered look from Aveda’s Neo Goth collection! Follow the steps and be on your way to recreating this glam cut for your clients.

Cut by Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Artistic Director, Hair Cutting

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    Panel 1
    Section as shown. Take a vertical section in the back panel, lifting straight out from the head. Use a layering technique and elevate higher than 90°.

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    Take subsequent sections on a diagonal and overdirect them to the previously cut guide (traveling guide). Once you reach the mastoid process, your guide will become stationary. Overdirect all remaining sections back to this point.

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    Panel 2, the sides
    Take a vertical section just behind the ear and elevate it straight up to the top of the head (parallel with the floor). Cut from short to long. Note: Create an angle with your fingers that allows the guide to be shorter at the parietal ridge and longer in the perimeter. Use the existing length in the perimeter as a reference when creating this guide.

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    Take subsequent sections through the front on a diagonal and overdirect them back to the first guide over the ear (stationary guide).

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    Take vertical sections starting just behind the ear and, using the first section as a guide, overdirect these sections forward, allowing the hair to be disconnected from the panel underneath.

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    Continue in this manner, overdirecting to the previous sections and working toward the center back or until the panel is complete. Repeat on the other side.

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    The fringe
    Take horizontal sections through the fringe and using low elevation, overdirect these sections to the temple and cut a fringe that gets progressively longer.

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    Top panel, wet or dry
    Take a vertical section through the center of the top panel and, using the length through the back as a guide, elevate this section straight out from the head at an angle that will allow the hair to be shorter in the crown and longer toward the front. Using the tips of the scissors, cut small amounts of hair while sliding your fingers toward the front of the head, continuing to elevate.

    Overdirect subsequent sections to this stationary guide, allowing this section to remain disconnected from the front and sides. Refine the hair cut by pointing and slicing.


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    To style, apply color conserve™ daily color protect and phomollient™ styling foam, rough-dry using fingers and an Aveda wooden paddle brush. Starting at the nape and working upward, set with a large curling iron. Pin each curl into place and allow curls to cool completely. Using a Mason Pearson brush, brush hair and finish with control force™ firm hold.

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