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Last updated: February 12, 2018

3 Salon Services That Clients Will Ask For In 2018

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New year, new hair…new chair? The new year is the perfect time for stylists, managers and salon owners to go over their upcoming goals, and making more money is always at the top of the list. Here are a few ideas—that include the services your salon should offer and the chairs you should invest in—for turning your money goals into reality.



Are you offering eyelash services? You should be!

  • Why? Eyelash services are intricate and extensive, so offering this add-on and doing it right will allow you to expand your menu services and up your client retention. (Remember that guests want to make sure that they are in trusted hands when it comes to such a delicate service.)
  • How? Offer the education for your stylists, then invest in the proper equipment to complete the service. The Riche Chair, Stool and Wagon from Takara Belmont is the first system specifically designed for eyelash practices, and when offering a luxury service, it’s important to find a cohesive system that keeps both you and your customers comfortable and safe for the entire session.


Up your eyelash experience with the Riche from Takara Belmont!


Are you making the most of your shampoo experience? You should be!

  • Why? First of all, clients love a relaxing shampoo experience, and stylists should NEVER overlook it. Secondly, offering a head spa service is becoming more and more popular among guests—which means it’s an easy upsell! The service provides overall scalp and hair health while also giving clients a meditative shampoo experience—it’s the perfect blend of health and luxury.
  • How? Invest in a chair your clients will never want to leave, then offer the spa service as a shampoo bowl add-on! When you combine Takara Belmont’s YUME shampoo unit with the Spa Mist II Hair Processor, guests will receive an unparalleled experience and be hooked for future appointments. Check out this article for more on the head spa service!



The Yume Espoir—pair it with the Spa Mist II for the total experience!



Are you offering men’s grooming? You definitely should be!

  • Why? Men’s grooming is one of the industry’s fastest growing trends—and it’s not slowing down any time soon. More and more salons are catering to every person who walks through their door—and if you’re trying to increase your cash flow, you should be too!
  • How? Create a space men will be comfortable in at your salon—this doesn’t mean you have to change your entire space, but offering a chair that’s perfect for the modern man definitely can’t hurt! With the Legend Barber Chair from Takara Belmont, your male guests and your stylists will be super comfortable during the entire service. The chair can recline fully and it offers a sturdy lock position, making all men’s services easier and safer.


Go for The Legend for the ultimate men’s grooming chair!

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