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Last updated: February 12, 2018

Specialty Services: What to Look for in a Chair

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A well-designed chair accommodates not only the customer, but also the stylist. If you want your customers to have the best possible salon experience, it’s important to put yourself in the best position to provide them quality services—literally and figuratively!


We chatted with Takara Belmont to get the details on what type of features you should look for in a specialty service chair—safety, efficiency, versatility and durability all made the list. And, with their new Riche Chair that’s specifically built for administering eyelash extensions, you’ll get all that and then some. Here’s what to look for when choosing a chair and how the Riche Chair can help. 


The Riche Chair from Takara Belmont brings key features together, making additional services like eyelash extensions, manicures and pedicures easier at the salon.


1. Safety: Salon and spa services are so luxury focused, safety is often an underrated concern.

  • Consider this: Comfort and safety go hand in hand. Why? If a stylist is comfortable they can focus more on the service and give more precise treatments for longer periods of time. And if the customer is comfortable, they are less likely to shift, squirm, or jerk during their service.
  • Know this: The Riche’s stool, wagon, and chair all align with each other, which is very important during a lengthy and intricate service like eyelash extensions, manicures/pedicures or a waxing. Systems that work together and provide smooth action will help keep everyone involved safe and comfortable.


2. Efficiency: You can keep your services more efficient based on the products you purchase.

  • Consider this: Ergonomically-designed chairs are always a good choice because they relieve physical strain and fatigue of the technician during services. This will help them work faster while also creating optimal customer comfort. 
  • Know this: The Riche is ergonomically designed, has a hammock-shaped seat for optimal customer comfort, features a headrest cushion to cradle the client’s head/position them correctly and adjusts and reclines with ease. 


3. Versatility: Sure, chairs are designed with a specific purpose, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be versatile!

  • Consider this: Add-on tables with the option to sit comfortably upright allows you to more easily administer additional services. Plus, it prevents clients from having to switch chairs throughout their services. 
  • Know this: The Riche features all of the above and includes a telescopic tray that has the ability to swivel and change height easily, allowing technicians to keep the tools they need close by. Plus, it comes in white, ivory, and brown to match almost any salon decor. 


4. Durability: If you’re going to invest in a specialty service, you’ll want your equipment to last.

  • Consider this: A chair produced with quality materials and an efficient design is more expensive upfront, but worth the investment. Cheaper chairs usually mean more problems in the future.
  • Know this: The Riche is created with quality materials, plus its ergonomic design and crafted upholstery means less problems in the long run. 


Any questions? Contact your local show room for more information!

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