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Last updated: July 19, 2017

The 5 Steps To The Ultimate Salon Experience

The Yume Spa is all about going above and beyond to create a luxurious, relaxing experience for your clients. Learn more about this spa system! 

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When your client comes in for her hair appointment, all she wants is to sit back and be pampered. Well, we know exactly how you can make that happen and differentiate your salon from competitors in the process—the Yume Spa experience from Takara Belmont.


The new spa system includes Takara Belmont’s Yume Shampoo unit and Spa Mist II processor, and when paired with an experienced shampoo technician or stylist, you can offer a truly meditative service with added hair and scalp health benefits, too.


Curious how it works? First thing to know is that it’s named the Yume Spa for a reason. Yume, meaning dream, is meant to allow your guest to unwind and drift into a dream-like state during their 20- to 40-minute pampering process. (You can customize the length of the service based on what works best for your salon.) Here are five more need-to-know details when using the Yume.



1. Customize The Comfort Level
One of the many benefits to the Yume is that the unit can be adjusted to various upright and reclined positions, as well as adjusted for height depending on if the stylist would like to perform the service in a standing or seated position. This feature provides comfort for both the client and the stylist!

Here is an example for how the seating setting can transform to
the stylist’s needs.


2. Play Up The Massage Factor 
Part of this service is to help your client unwind, and who doesn’t love a little massage to help them feel totally relaxed. Before beginning the service, ask your client their preferred level of massage pressure. Then pay attention to pressure points during this process so your clients can unwind and fall into a dream-like state.


3. Make It an Experience
You’re never just shampooing or conditioning the hair. You’re massaging in the shampoo and conditioning products all while continuing the head massage. It’s more than a service, it’s all about the experience. Rinse after massaging in each product.


4. Create A True Spa-Like Session


Get ready for this step because the Spa Mist II will bring total relaxation to your guest. First, fasten the head strap and cap on your client, attach to the processor and then begin! The mist serves to open the scalp pores, and the moisturizing conditioner and heating process penetrate deep into the hair and scalp for a longer-lasting effect. After 8 to 10 minutes, remove the cap and head strap.


5. Rinse and Wrap Up


Rinse the hair with warm water and wrap up the entire service. Takara suggests incorporating other relaxing techniques into your Yume Spa service routine to take this luxury experience to the next level. 

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