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Last updated: August 08, 2017

Three Add-On Services To Boost Your Ticket Prices

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We all know millennials crave instant gratification, which can make long salon appointments and offering time-consuming add-on services less than ideal. But add-ons don’t always have to mean a long-drawn-out process—at least, not with this new skin system we’re going to tell you about.



The Three Ticket-Boosters
Perk™ is a new hybrid skin system that offers three (fast) treatments for your client’s face, eyes and lips. Each service takes under 10 minutes, so you can complete one (or all three) while your client’s color processes, and according to Perk™ the results are immediate.


Offer the Perk™ service, complete any or all three services in one sitting and then send your client home with the rest of their 30-day treatment.


The Face Treatment Service
For your client who wants to add a little glow to her skin, suggest this treatment.

  • Complete the first treatment in the salon to exfoliate away dead skin cells and replenish nutrients to instantly reveal radiant skin.
  • Send your client home with half of the Antioxidant Renewal Serum to use twice daily.


The Eye Treatment Service
This is a go-to for your girl who is always talking about her under-eye area.

  • Complete the first treatment in the salon to awaken and revive the delicate eye area.
  • Send your client home with half of the Eye Replenishing Serum to apply twice daily.


The Lip Treatment Service
For your client who wants to add a slight plump to her pout, this is the service for her.

  • Complete the first treatment in the salon to hydrate and smooth her lips quickly.
  • Send your client home with half of the Lip Revitalizing Serum to apply twice daily or whenever added hydration is needed.


Get your client hooked on Perk™ and you could start adding
$70 to your ticket price right now!


The Benefits To Your Bottom Line
Starting at $30 for Lip, $40 for Eye and $50 for Face, you could see a major boost to your ticket prices after adding these three treatments to your salon menu. And, because it can be done on the salon floor, the treatment immediately becomes a buzz generator at the salon. So when one guest sees another guest getting a quick facial at the shampoo bowl, it’s automatically an easier sell to the client sitting in your chair. Plus, the take-home treatment only lasts 30 days, so your clients are inclined to come back in a month for another Perk-me-up treatment! 


“We needed something that would bridge our salon side with the spa side, and Perk™ does this beautifully, says Mike Van den Abbeel from
Mosaic Hair Studio & Blowout Bar. “The treatments are fast and efficient and clients love that they can multitask skincare with hair care. It has been a win-win for us.”


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