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Last updated: February 12, 2018

How the Five Senses Unexpectedly Impact Your Clients’ Salon Experience

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Bold art pieces and light fixtures are a way to make a stylish statement. Pro Tip: Placing artwork above eye level gives the illusion of higher ceilings. (Insta: @takarabelmontus)

When a client walks into your salon, is she immediately bombarded with the overwhelming scent of hairspray or is she greeted with the tranquil smell of lavender? You might not have considered it, but appealing to clients’ senses—sounds, feelings, smells and tastes—can have a huge impact on your business. Check out the five things you can’t afford to overlook!


1. What To See
Not only should your salon’s personality always be visible, but it should be the best, most genuine version. An easy way to show this is a well-designed services menu. As for other important visual questions to keep in mind: 

  • Even though the appearance and layout of your salon are functional, is it clean and well maintained?
  • Are your customers seeing other satisfied customers, stylists and employees? Or chaos and stress?
  • Do they see you for who you really are?



2. What To Feel
It’s important that clients are comfortable throughout their time in your salon. Here are some ways to can improve comfort levels:

  • Are your chairs durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of multiple clients per day? Puddling or bunching at the seams where your chair gathers is a major sign that your chair is wearing down.
  • Not 100 percent sure if your guests are comfortable? Just ask! Creating this trust will also allow them to speak up more easily if they aren’t comfortable.
  • Invest in Takara Belmont’s Yume! Maximizing comfort is part of the reason this chair reclines to a fully horizontal position.


Check out how adding the Yume Spa Service to your salon can improve your clients’ (and your) salon experience!




3. What To Hear
 Music can subliminally set the tone of your customer’s experience. Making a playlist through a digital streaming service gives you complete control of what’s playing in your space. If you’re in need of a little playlist inspiration, take a listen to Takara Belmont’s Beauty and Men’s Grooming playlists on Spotify!


4. What To Taste
Don’t let your guests feel parched! Offering beverages such as water, tea or even champagne can make your guests feel pampered. Not in your budget yet? See if a local vendor is willing to cross-promote, work out a shared discount program or even exchange services for free.


EDEN by Eden Sassoon is a great example of a visually stunning salon.


5. What To Smell
You should always be aware of how overpowering smells can be, especially if your salon offers nail treatments. You may grow immune to these scents if you work with them every day, but your customers don’t. Do your best to contain them when possible.