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Last updated: February 12, 2018

9 Remodeling Tips for The Salon, Spa or Barbershop

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Whether it’s a small touch up you’re doing, or an entire makeover, every remodel in a salon, spa or barbershop presents its own unique set of challenges. To avoid overwhelming costs, unnecessary delays and renovation headaches, here are few simple tips from Lauren Hrusovsky, a designer at Takara Belmont USA, to help you plan ahead and keep your remodel running smoothly.


1. Stay Focused – Determine your goals, communicate your vision and stick to your plan. No matter what your goal is, setting your objectives early and maintaining your vision can help keep you on track and away from the hurdles of lost revenue due to a delayed launch. Whether you’re working to maximize space, add a new service area or simply revamping your décor, staying focused is key.



2. Get Inspired – Find your inspiration! Discover award-winning salons, chat with successful business owners,and research the best equipment—discovering your own taste will help you create your dream space. Collect your ideas and give them to your designer.


3. Don’t Settle – Clients don’t often realize the cost associated with a full-scale remodel, so to resolve any battle between what you need and what you want, plan your design out in phases. Experienced salon owners can help you make the most of your budget, find the best furniture and provide space-saving designs or equipment recommendations, such as the Roller Ball F Multi-Purpose Processor.


4. Start Early – Avoid the chaos of last minute changes and rushed designs by starting at least 4 months early. Consult a design specialist and seek out a financial planner. Doing your research and shopping early can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars, on top of reducing your stress levels.


5. Choose Carefully – Interview your contractors and ask to see samples of their past work or request walk-throughs. Consider the responsiveness of their communication and always ask a number of questions. Are they licensed, bonded, insured? Do they have a list of positive reviews? A trusty contractor is imperative.




6. Shop Smarter – Use your designer to help determine electrical and plumbing needs before you shop for your equipment. Selecting versatile shampoo units or an appropriate location can help keep the costs down. Backwash units such as the Bahama Shampoo Unit offers alternative installation options, which could also help reduce cost. Look to find ways around core drilling. Opt to run plumbing through the walls or up through the floor.

7. Keep Clients in the Loop – Communication with your clients during renovations is very important. Whether you decide to close down or continue to offer services, communication will not only be appreciated by your clients, but it will also generate excitement about your salon’s future look. Use social media to get your clients more engaged with your renovation process and to create more positive buzz.



8. Communication is Key – Meet regularly with contractors, architects and your staff to make sure their projects are on time and running smoothly. Be sure to reinforce and remind everyone of your vision, goals and expectations. A lot of people are usually involved with the renovation process, so effective communication is key to keep things on track.



9. Let the World Know – When everything is done and designed to your desire, share your salon with a big reveal! Show your clients and the world your new, dream salon. Spotlight that new service area or cutting-edge equipment features in your next marketing campaign and really get people talking!