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Last updated: February 12, 2018

5 Design Tips For Your Salon

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Keeping the interior design of your salon fresh and modern doesn’t have to mean hard work and dropping dollars! We have a few simple tricks from Lauren Hrusovsky, a designer from Takara Belmont, for how to keep up with the coolest (and most functional) décor without breaking the bank.


1. Patterns
Large patterns are becoming increasingly popular in fabrics, wall coverings and even flooring. Whether it’s a neutral tone-on-tone herringbone or something bold, colorful and geometric, introducing patterns into a commercial space can make a big statement. Try using patterns in small areas—behind your reception desk or retail display—for a trendy look.


2. Ceilings
Ceilings can add a lot of character to your salon space. Whether it’s an exposed or suspended ceiling, different variations allow you to create unique spaces that offer more options for lighting and hanging fixtures.
For a cleaner look, a lot of salons are moving away from track lighting and using recessed lighting in combination with illuminated mirrors.



3. Furniture
Space and budget are always a factor when designing your salon, but buying dual-purpose furniture allows you to skip the anxiety and helps you save on both! “Right now, having an exposed
 color dispensary is a big trend in salon design and function,” says Lauren. “I have been designing a lot more salons where we join their color bar with their shampoo backbar.”


4. Color
Neutral tones like gray and white have been largely popular over the last few years, but Lauren thinks more colors will be what’s trending soon. Her color predictions? Dark green and other jewel tones in the next year. “Dark wood continues to be popular but I am seeing more use of dark wood tones with a heavier grain pattern,” she said.


5. Equipment
Smart selection of styling chairs can enhance the look of a space and unite your design across all service areas. Small design renovation projects can benefit from selecting chairs and backwash units with a similar or corresponding style, such as the Odin or Americana series. And, opting for a consistent design in equipment allows you to complete your renovation in phases if you’re on a budget.


Learn more about the Odin Series by Takara Belmont!


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