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Last updated: June 12, 2019

This Add-On Scalp Service Is Like A Facial For The Hair

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Add-On Scalp Service Idea For Healthy, Hydrated Hair

The secret to healthy curls is a healthy scalp, so whether her hair is in desperate need of hydration or her scalp is feeling dry and irritated, pretty much any client could benefit from a Takara Belmont Spa Mist II service. Just ask BTC Team Member @evanjosephcurls. Not only does he now offer a head spa menu at his salon, Evan Joseph Salon in Columbus, Ohio, but the videos he shares to Insta of the treatment are extremely satisfying. Watch one of his videos below to see what we mean, then keep scrolling to learn how the Spa Mist II works!



Watch The (Oh So Satisfying) Video How-To Below

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How Does It Work?

Despite what it looks like, Evan isn’t hydrating the scalp with steam. He’s hydrating it with something better. Steam is very hot and the water particles aren’t small enough to be easily accepted into the hair. The Spa Mist II creates a mist of warm microscopic water particles that are easily absorbed into the skin and hair, giving clients a relaxing facial for their hair.


Who Is The Ideal Client For This Service?

Pretty much any client could benefit from a Spa Mist II session but it’s especially great for curly-haired clients who could use some extra hydration or clients dealing with a dry, itchy, flaky or oily scalp.


The How-To Breakdown

There are two parts to Evan’s Spa Mist II service—the conditioning treatment and the scalp treatment:


1. Start by selecting the open mist setting, then cleanse with a no-lather shampoo and massage it into the scalp.


2. Rinse, then apply a deep conditioner.


3. Fasten the Spa Mist II cap around the head, then let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes. (Note: The Spa Mist II does have a two-minute cool down period.)


Pro Tip: Evan will fold a small towel and then lay it across his client’s forehead so the cap will sit comfortably on their head.


4. Next comes the scalp treatment. Evan first uses a trichometer (a device that measures hair caliber and hair density together and expresses them as a single number) to help him determine which treatment to use.


5. Then, select the open mist setting again and cleanse the hair with a no-lather shampoo.


6. At this point, Evan rinses and applies one of three scalp treatments his salon offers—Rebalance, Purify or Soothe.


7. Reapply the cap and change the setting on the Spa Mist II to scalp care. Let sit for 5 to 10 minutes.


8. Remove the cap, then cleanse, condition and style the hair as normal.


Treatments & Pricing

Evan has a full head spa menu at Evan Joseph Salon, which is broken down into two categories: Scalp Care and Scalp + Hair. So similar to a facial, clients can choose a treatment based on the issue they want to address.


If a client wants a Scalp Care service, they have their choice of:

  • Rebalance—Ideal for those with excessively oily scalps that need rebalancing. ($65)
  • Purify—Ideal for those dealing with dandruff. ($65)
  • Soothe—Ideal for those with eczema, psoriasis and other irritated skin types. ($65)


If a client wants a Scalp + Hair service, they have their choice of:

  • Detox + Renew—Holistic beauty and wellness detox for the scalp, hair and mind. Deeply cleanses and purifies the scalp, promoting healthy hair growth and scalp function. ($40)


  • Signature Treatment—Combines Detox + Renew with a scalp care option (Rebalance, Purify, Soothe), followed by a deep conditioning masque. ($150)


Want to start offering Spa Mist II services in your salon? CLICK HERE to order yours from the BTC Shop!



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