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Last updated: July 19, 2017

5 Tips For Maximizing Your Space

Here are a few things you can do to give your clients (and employees!) the feeling of a bigger, more luxurious salon in your current space!

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Creating a bigger-feeling salon space doesn’t always have to mean remodeling or adding additional square footage. Here are a few things you can do to give your guests (and your employees) the feeling of a luxury salon in your current space.

1.  Elongate The Walls
To create a more spacious feel, add floor-to-ceiling window treatments. This addition will draw your customers’ eyes up the wall and make the space feel instantly bigger. Consider choosing a sheer curtain as well to allow more natural light to enter the room.

2. Reflect Your Space
Add mirrors around the room to give the illusion that there is more square footage than in reality. A simple floor-to-ceiling mirror will also bounce the light around and brighten the space. Opting for the Illumination Mirror by Takara Belmont combines the best of both worlds—ample illumination and a full-length mirror for reflective light.



3. Go For Lighter-Feeling Furniture
Avoid filling your space with overpowering furniture or sofa-like seating. Choosing furniture with a lighter design or open armrests can make your service area feel more spacious. Need an idea? Consider the Dainty Chair by Takara Belmont for your next remodel. The full-back design of the chair offers complete support for your clients, while bringing a sense of style that works synergistically in a salon or barber shop.


4. Go For Bright Colors
Dark colors can make a small room feel even more claustrophobic. Instead, choose bright furniture and paint hues for an airy vibe. For example, if you choose a pale grey tone for an accent wall, balance it out with white furniture to give off a more spacious atmosphere.

5. Smart Dividers
Putting up walls to separate your service areas will make you lose square footage and take away from your space’s potential. Instead, use simple, sheer curtains as a way to divide two areas without sacrificing space and maintaining an open layout.