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Last updated: February 12, 2018

4 Tips To Shake Up Your Salon Design

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Spring is in the air and it is time to spruce up that salon! Your furniture, right down to the types of metal you use and the tones you incorporate into your interior design, does have an impact on the way your clients perceive your salon. Don’t let your furniture be boring! Not only is it crucial to keep your salon furniture up-to-date, it is important to make sure you are investing in quality furniture. We have the top four tips for updating your salon décor from Designer Lauren Hrusovsky from Takara Belmont USA.

1. Color Craze
So 2K16—the pastel colors are trending hardcore this year. Lauren recommends complementing shades of gray and wood tones to coordinate with that daring dusty pink, pale purple or turquoise blue you’ve been eying. “You can always mix in a splash of color on an accent wall for a quick and easy way to keep your salon looking fresh and vibrant with each new season,” Lauren reveals.



2. A Nod to Neutrals
The crisp, clean look of an all-white salon or spa is still super popular, but gray has become the new neutral! “With the ability to revamp a space by selecting new accent items, it’s easy to see why neutral tones have always held a strong standing in design,” Lauren says.  



Thinking of updating your salon furniture? Check out Takara Belmont’s AmeriCana Series!



3. Metallic Textures
Antique brass or other metal textures pair well with a wide range of colors, giving you a gorgeous way to create a playful yet sophisticated look. Mixing metallic textures can also add a little something unexpected to minimalist, high-end designs. Don’t forget, you can also loop in a little color contrast with a two-tone styling chair such as the
Virtus for a stronger statement.


4. Timeless Trends
Minimize the need to renovate too frequently by keeping larger design elements in a neutral color and a simple style. “It’s easy to spice up a space with a vibrant-colored accent item such as lamps or curtains,” Lauren says. With iconic mid-century furniture designs continuing to be so prevalent, you can select furniture with balance of classic and contemporary style. For example, the AmeriCana Series makes a bold statement that offers a wide range of styles to fit your décor.

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