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Last updated: October 25, 2017

5 Tips And Benefits For Bringing Makeup To Your Salon

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It’s almost time to say “Boy, BYE” to 2016—and you know what that means—it’s time to start thinking about new salon goals for 2017. So we’ll get right to it. Are you:


  • Thinking of ways to increase your revenue in the new year?
  • Trying to bring your salon to that next level of luxury?
  • Brainstorming new ways to invest in your stylists?


We have the answer to all of those things—makeup.


Bringing makeup into your salon might be something you’ve thought about in the past but never completely figured out how to do. Romy Soleimani, a New York-based makeup artist, who’s worked with celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Hudson, Rachel McAdams and Kerry Washington and designers like Kate Spade, Vera Wang, BCBG and Tory Burch, is here to help.


When it comes to makeup education, Romy says:
“Invest in your team’s growth and they’ll invest in yours.”


We caught up with Romy at NYFW last fall, and she was full of tips for stylists and benefits for owners when it comes to bringing makeup into the salon. Here are a few takeaways we found super interesting.


1. Your Salon: The Next “It” One-Stop-Shop
Clients are going to go somewhere for their makeup—why not keep it all in one place? It doesn’t take much to start incorporating makeup into your services, plus it elevates the salon aesthetic and is great for business.


2. A (Small) Free Service Never Hurts
Start gradually incorporating makeup into guest services by offering a free application after their hair is complete. “If red is a trend, get a red palette and offer a red lip. Say something like, ‘Oh, this is really hot right now. Do you want to try a shade of red before you leave?’” This will get your guest’s attention that you can do a makeup application, and it’s more incentive to keep them coming back.


3. Because Everyone Likes Nice Things
When buying makeup products, Romy says, “It’s important to invest in a level that is equal to the shampoo that you’re selling or equal to the amount you’re charging for a haircut. Not only is that customer used to that experience level but that kind of quality product, too.”


4. Use Your Resources
Ask your stylists if they are interested in makeup. Maybe it’s an assistant or the shampoo girl—anyone can start applying a cute lip or quick smoky eye if they have the passion and knowledge to do so. If you already have some interested employees, it becomes easier for you as the owner or manager to start them in an educational course because you don’t have to hire anyone new.


5. Get ‘Em With The Skincare
If you can hook your guest with a simple skincare product and routine, you’re golden. Skincare is so important to clients these days, Romy says. If you can show your guest you’re knowledgeable in it, chances are they let you move right into makeup applications next.


Romy is officially teaming up with industry icons Sally Hershberger
and John Barrett for her new makeup education courses
designed for salon professionals.


Interested in knowing more? We thought so. Romy is officially teaming up with industry icons Sally Hershberger and John Barrett for her new makeup education courses, and she wants salon owners to know that there is real opportunity when choosing to bring makeup services to their salon. Here’s a glimpse at what the class will focus on:


  • Application technique and process: The ins and outs of skincare and artistry fundamentals, all tailored to the salon professional.
  • The makeup regimen and routine: How to structure and establish a routine for your stylists, grow your stylists’ productivity and improve your clients’ overall salon experience.
  • Maximizing service and retail dollars: Learn how, why and where to add to your service menu and see the impact to your business’s bottom line.


In addition, Romy, Sally and John will be providing weekly portfolio reviews and feedback that give an honest appraisal and analysis of your work’s strengths and weaknesses. See more about the class in the video below.



Interested in Romy’s makeup 
education course? Register now!


Get Romy’s makeup look for Milly at NYFW Spring/Summer 2017.