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Last updated: March 20, 2023

Struggling With Retail? 8 Tips To Make The Sale

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8 Tips For Selling Retail Products Your Clients Will Love

Put yourself in your clients’ shoes: What’s the first thing you see when you walk into the salon? We’ll take a guess: A reception area with plenty of on-brand decor and, more than likely, shiny retail displays full of your go-to products. Those products are placed front and center with the goal to send clients home with everything they need to keep their new hair looking fresh—and keep them coming back for more.


So what’s the key to sending your client home with products that they (and their hair) will love? We rounded up tips from the pros for educating your clients about essential products without crossing into salesman territory.


1. Carry a versatile product line that works for all hair types.

Clients don’t want “just another product.” They want a product that works specifically for their hair. Better yet—an entire product system that checks every box on their haircare checklist. An educator-favorite that works for all hair types: The CHI Royal Treatment line by Farouk Systems.


“I mostly recommend this product [line] for blonde clients. However, it is really great for those with coarse, dry or damaged hair,” says colorist Francesca Rego (@checkmycurls). While each product has its own benefits, many artists recommend using the system as a whole for the best possible results.


Here’s how hair artist Melody Ruiz (@melodyshadez) gives her clients the royal treatment:


  1. Prep the hair with CHI Royal Treatment Bond Rebuilder.
  2. Apply CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Seal for a healthy lift.
  3. Wash with CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Shampoo. It’s color-safe and cleanses the hair while protecting against frizz.
  4. Follow with CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Conditioner. It builds bonds in the hair while moisturizing with aloe and fatty acids from hemp. Plus, it manages frizz and protects against color fading.
  5. Finish with CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Repair Oil on towel-dried hair for heat protection and added shine.


Melody’s ✨ royal treatment ✨ is designed to leave clients’ hair beautifully healthy:

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CHI’s Royal Treatment line covers every need: Repairing, styling, volumizing—you NEED to see this!

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 2. Use your salon’s credibility as an advantage.

Sure, everywhere sells shampoo. But the advantage of buying products from a salon is the expert behind the counter.


“I sell these products because they are what I trust with my clients’ hair the most. I use what I sell at home so I can give accurate advice and reviews on the products to my clients rather than make something up,” says business owner Alexis Kaclik (@balayagebylex). “I feel as if clients think, ‘Oh, if she’s using it on her own hair, it must be great’.”


Alexis also tries to deter clients from buying products from sellers that aren’t necessarily reputablelike drugstores or mega storesso they know exactly what they are putting on their hair. 


Pro tip: Make sure your clientele knows how to use their newly purchased products at home! Educating your clients about at-home care builds your credibility and helps them get the most of their routine.


Alexis uses CHI Royal Treatment Bond & Seal and CHI Royal Treatment Bond Rebuilder to give her blonde clients ultimate protection.

Photo Credit: Instagram via @balayagebylex


3. Use retail as an extension of your care, not as a potential sale.

Service is all about trust; if your clients trust you with their new look, retail will naturally follow. 


“My clients know from the first conversation we have that I have them and their hair’s best interest in mind at all times,” explains salon owner Robin Jabro (@robinjabro). “Building trust with your clients is the foundation to being able to introduce new and exciting products to them without them feeling like this is ‘just another product’ you’re trying to get them to leave with.”


Some ways to build up trust with your clientele:


  1. Be honest during consultations. Let clients know when their hair type or history doesn’t align with their hair goals or give them an alternate route to get there.
  2. Send them home with products fit for their hair type. If clients see the results they’re looking for, they’re more likely to return to your chair. 
  3. Use personalized product cocktails. This shows clients that you care about and understand their hair.


Robin’s advice for clients: Don’t use products you can get at the drugstore. “Drugstore shampoos are filled with sulfates that will dry out our hair and create build up while also stripping out your toner!” she says.

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4. Use your product recommendations during the service.

If these products work so well, make sure you flex them! The secret to selling your product pitch is to utilize it during your service. For instance, when balayage expert Jennifer Nichole (@jennileethatsme) uses her go-to treatment (the CHI Royal Treatment line), she makes sure to explain why their hair needs those specific products every step of the way.


Watch Jennifer’s CHI-fueled color transformation:

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5. Make sure to highlight what’s on the back of the bottle.

Haircare is full of buzz words and phrases that clients hear all the time: “This product will make your hair smell good” or “this product will make your hair feel soft.” But what’s inside of your go-to products that actually heals their hair and makes it smell amazing?


“Before I try something new, I do research on each productlearn the ingredients and benefits and inform my clients of these things while using each specific product,” Alexis explains. “[CHI’s Royal Treatment system] contains three main things: White truffle, pearl and aloe vera. [Clients think, ‘Wow, where else am I going to find products that contain [those ingredients?’] That is your selling point.”


That being said, you don’t want to overload your clients with information. To avoid this, use this tip from Amber Bona (@hairby.ambermarie): “I try to not overwhelm them with suggesting more than three products at a time. Simplicity is the key here,” Amber says. “I also will walk them through step-by-step how and when to use the products.”


Amber adds shine to this client’s lightening service using the CHI Royal Treatment:

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6. Keep retail in view during the entire appointment.

There’s a fine line between encouragement and bombardment when it comes to retail. It’s very important not to come on too strong or make clients think that selling is your only goal for the appointment.


“I don’t like to hound clients to be pressured into buying something. I’m not a sales person, I’m an educator,” Alexis says. “[If my client trusts me], they’re going to buy it. If they don’t buy it after their session, they go home and use whatever they have and realize what I used was [more] beneficial for their hair. [Then,] they come in just to purchase.”
Subtle ways to display or talk about retail:
  • Ask what the client is using at home. Then, offer a comparison to your recommended products.
  • Recommend the products as you use them during the service. Think of it as a how-to for the client. 
  • Avoid using terms like “You should buy this.” Instead, explain highlights of the product and how it will help their hair.
  • Place the products you’re using for the service at your station. This keeps them in the client’s sight throughout the whole service. 
  • Have an assistant or receptionist place the products used at the checkout counter. This gives your client a more formal chance to make a purchase.


Francesca’s blonde transformation using the CHI Royal Treatment:

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Add pearl, white truffle, aloe vera & vital amino acids to your salon menu with the CHI Royal Treatment by Farouk Systems.


7. Explain that color-safe products are important for longevity.

One avenue you should always take with your retail is color protection. Color-safe products make your work last longer and trust us: Your client wants this just as much as you do. 


“Quality color-protecting shampoo doesn’t have harsh chemicals that will strip the color or dry out the hair,” Robin explains. “If you are using a good, salon-quality shampoo and conditioner, it should be 100 percent safe on your color.”


“Professional products only!” Alexis agrees. “I couldn’t tell you how many times clients have said that their drugstore brand of color-protecting shampoo is working. It’s not…Professional color-safe shampoos have a higher pH balance, which protects the integrity of the color—especially for clients who have extremely porous hair.”


The CHI Royal Treatment color-safe formula helps reduce breakage and strengthen hair bonds.

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