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Last updated: July 29, 2022

How To Create A Rich Copper Root Melt

Learn How To Save Time & Create The Perfect Root Melt

Red hues have been the star of our Insta feeds this year. That’s why we’re here to give you everything you need to formulate the vibrant coppers your clients are requesting with the help of Farouk Systems Brand Ambassador Wesley Palmer (@wesdoeshair). Keep reading for Wes’s copper tips and tricks and his formulation secret weapon.


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Prelighten your client to create a vibrant root melt

Wes preps his Level 7 client with CHI Bleach & Shine Lightener. This step is essential for color that pops! Then, he begins his root melt in the back and works his way forward, applying Formula A in vertical sections. Check out all of Wes’s formulas below:


After he finishes applying the root formula to the entire head, Wes melts his client’s color down into the mids and ends to finish the look. Make sure to watch the full live to learn his technique!


CHI ColorMaster Factory Root Melt
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Prep: CHI Bond & Seal Treatment

Formula A (retouch lightener): CHI Bleach and Shine Lightener + 20-volume CHI Color Generator developer

Formula B (mids-ends lightener): CHI Bleach & Shine Lightener + Bond & Seal + 10-volume CHI Color Generator developer

Formula C (root melt): CHI Shine Shades 6C + 10-volume CHI Color Generator developer

Formula D (mids-ends toner): CHI Shine Shades 30g 9G + 30g 8C + 1.5g gold additive + .5g red additive + 60g 10-volume CHI Color Generator developer


Struggle to formulate the perfect copper? Try this!

How does Wes save time at his color bar? He formulates using the LG CHI ColorMaster Factory! Not only does the ColorMaster Factory formulate the perfect shade every time, it also stores client’s color formulas for the future—pretty cool right? 


Wes especially loves the ColorMaster Factory because it saves him tons of time in the salon. “You can actually dispense using your cellphone,” he says. “You can use the app to use the ColorMaster Factory if you don’t have time to run back and get everything,” Wes adds. No more waiting in line at the color bar! With this futuristic device, you can dispense color from anywhere in the salon.


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