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Last updated: August 24, 2022

The 4-Foil Money Piece: Do THIS To Save Time!

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Timesaving Money Piece: Everything from Formulation to Application!

What is Farouk Systems Artist Wesley Palmer’s (@wesdoeshair) secret to a bright, blended money piece without over-foiling? His signature four-foil placement! “This application saves me so much time because it takes out the guesswork in every step and is perfect for the client who wants a bright face frame but a natural grow out,” he shared. 


We’re breaking down the entire technique below, plus how Wes uses the LG CHI ColorMaster Factory to save time when formulating! 


Want to save time + money at your color bar? Find out how here! 


First: Start with the hair’s natural fall

“You really want to use the natural fall for a face frame,” Wes explains. “It helps it look more natural but also avoids any struggle when sectioning.” 


Here’s how: Place a comb on the client’s scalp and notice where the head starts to round. Everything in front of the curve can be included in the money piece. 


For clients with finer density, apply CHI Bond & Seal to the ends to protect against damage when lifting.


Alternate The Technique For A High-Impact Placement 

Using a four-foil placement on the sides and the top, Wes alternates his application to create a bright, bold money piece in half the time! We’re serious—here’s his roadmap:


  • First Foil: Avoid a harsh grow out with a weave. For more blend insurance, gently brush out the client’s baby hairs and leave them out of the foil.  


  • Second Foil: Take a slice directly behind the first foil. This will be the brightest section of the face frame!


  • Third Foil: Take another slice but skim a small subsection from the bottom, leaving hair out between the second and third foil, creating some dimension. 


  • Fourth Foil: Finish the subsection off with a weave to marry the entire section together. 


Pro Tip:  Stuck at the shampoo bowl? Wes saves time formulating by using the LG CHI ColorMaster Factory. It works seamlessly with an app so you can start formulating a client’s color FROM YOUR PHONE! 


Finished foil placement!


Slide for the AMAZING before & after!

close formula


How Wes Saves Time Formulating!

Now that you’ve taken the guesswork out of your application, it’s time to stop struggling with formulating. “The LG CHI ColorMaster Factory is the most important product at my color bar,” shares Wes. Why? He shared a few reasons:


  • The LG CHI ColorMaster Factory formulates over 30,000 color combinations with the touch of a button. Just create the formula on the touchpad and the color is dispensed in under two minutes!


  • No more struggling to remember a client’s formula. The LG CHI ColorMaster Factory can store a client’s color profile including their previous formulas! 


Hit play to see the LG CHI ColorMaster Factory in action!

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Take the stress out of formulating: Click here to learn more!


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