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Last updated: July 12, 2021

Want A Successful Business? These 2 Tips Are Essential!

Dr. Farouk Shami Shares His Two Key Tips For A Successful Business

If you’re starting your own business or just need some advice to keep your current one afloat, Dr. Farouk Shami, founder of Farouk Systems, dropped some gems in conversation with BTC Founder Mary Rector (@marybehindthechair). According to Farouk, the key to his success since the start of his company are two things—innovation and quality. 


Intrigued? Scroll down to learn more, then watch the video above for the full interview and to see what’s new with CHI!


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1. Never Stop Innovating

Farouk Systems dabbles in a little of everything, from professional products to shoes and even skincare! What keeps the ideas coming? Dr. Farouk says his mind is always focused on the hairdresser and how he can improve the profession by solving a problem.


In the early ‘80s when he was an award-winning colorist, he developed an allergy to haircolor. That got him thinking about all the harsh chemicals inside hair products and how the stylists are exposed to them everyday in the salon. In response, he developed the first ammonia-free lightener and haircolor. The key to constant innovation is to recognize a problem and come up with a solution you can sell.


Farouk’s latest innovation, The LG CHI Color Master in partnership with LG Electronics, is your sustainable solution if it’s time to Marie Kondo your backbar and avoid wasting boxes (and more boxes!) of color every year. Color Master™ features 10 cans of primary and secondary color, plus two developers, leaving you with 108 shades to choose from to create an unlimited amount of formulas for your own personal color factory!


To use, the client takes a selfie and Color Master™ shows how the desired haircolor will look before it dispenses the formula—think Cher’s outfit simulator in “Clueless” but with hair. It takes one minute for the color to mix and you can customize the client’s starting level, gray coverage, grams used per color, color type from demi to permanent and more! The best part is that Farouk Systems will place the machine in your salon for FREE, all you have to do is buy the color cans. Click here to sign up for the waitlist and learn more!


2. Don’t Skimp On Quality

What keeps your customers coming back to your products or services are the quality. Now, more than ever, the hairdresser is concerned about what’s inside the products they’re using and putting in their clients hair. In response, Farouk Systems is putting their energy towards ensuring better ingredients.


“We are going back to organic,” says Dr. Farouk. “That’s where the industry has gone.” This includes growing their own aloe vera and hemp to ensure quality ingredients in all of their products. 


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