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Last updated: March 14, 2018

Hair Cuttery Is Putting Stylists First and Offering Unlimited Commission…Get The Deets!

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“Unlimited commission potential? Tell me more!” Don’t worry—we’re about to. Hair Cuttery is rolling out a new program—Path To Prosperity—that’s focused on bettering their stylists both personally and professionally, and we have a feeling you’re going to love its stylists-first approach.


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Sure, most salons have level systems that stylists can follow, but Hair Cuttery is changing the game and upping the ante with their new career path. Path To Prosperity puts the stylist first with an eight-level system that creates more opportunities for advancement—like consistent price increases and unlimited commission potential!


Right now, the plan is slowly being rolled out, but we have the sneak peek for how it all works! Check it out.

  • Path To Prosperity is an eight-level system designed to better outline a career path for Hair Cuttery stylists.


  • Salon leaders will assess each stylist’s business to determine in which level each individual should be placed, based on their results. The levels go from Salon Professional to Designer to Senior Designer to Master Designer.


  • In order to advance to the next level, stylists must hit laws (goals), in four key areas: rebooking, retail, retention (request guests) and color services.


  • Individual stylist’s goals are determined during monthly coaching sessions with their salon leaders. They are then coached to on a daily basis as a way to support them on their path. 


  • With each promotion, stylists also earn a price increase and increased commission potential.  


  • The program also emphasizes education and offers a variety of classes for stylists, including both traditional in-person classes and online training through POD (Prosperity on Demand) on the Hair Cuttery Stylist app.


  • To help stylists keep track of their goals, the HC Stylist app visually shows them where their business is currently and what they need to do to earn their next promotion. 


Watch Hair Cuttery stylists react to the new system!


To get more info on the new program and to fully understand the idea behind “putting the stylist first,” BTC chatted with Dennis RatnerCEO and Co-Founder of Ratner Companies (which includes Hair Cuttery) and Phil Horvath, Ratner Companies President and Chief Operating Officer.


“We only want to see greatness from our salon professionals out there performing hair services to all the great guests coming in to our doors each and every day, seven days a week,” shares Dennis. “We know what best in class looks like, and we’re striving for it every day through enhanced education, and really treating people how they deserve to be treated—with respect, admiration and gratitude.”