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Last updated: January 21, 2019

Salon Owners: 4 Common Mistakes & How To Fix Them

Salon Owners: 4 Common Mistakes & Solutions To Fix Them
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Are you thinking about taking your career to the next level by opening a salon? Avoid these four common mistakes salon owners make and check out several helpful solutions straight from the pros!



BTC spent two days at the SEVEN haircare Salon Takeover Event, a hands-on educational event for color, cutting, styling and business at SEVEN Salon right outside of Seattle, WashAttendees flew in from all over the country for the opportunity to share experiences, learn together and support one other. This “open source” mentality is part of SEVEN’s unique identity that fosters a collaborative atmosphere and community, and engages every type of salon owner—here’s what we learned! 


Mistake #1: Not asking enough questions in the interview process.

Solution: Building a successful salon environment starts with hiring the right people. So how do you do that? By asking the right questions during the interview. Here are some example questions that’ll help you decide if a candidate is the right fit for your salon:


  • What are you looking to gain by joining our team?
  • What career path do you envision for yourself?
  • What is your greatest strength?
  • What area do you need to improve on?
  • Tell me about a time you really connected with one of your clients.
  • What are your favorite products and why?
  • How do you feel about recommending products to take home?
  • What are some recent industry trends you’ve noticed? Why did those stick out?
  • Tell me about a disagreement you had with a manager. How did you handle it?
  • Tell me about a time you had an unhappy client. How did you resolve it?


Mistake #2: Failing to take care of business and support employees. 

Solution: It’s your business, so set up guidelines for salon success. Lou Cinquini (@loucinquini), the owner of Lucy’s Salon & Spa in Roseville, Calif., recommends creating ground rules for herself and her employees that cultivate a culture everyone will benefit from! Here’s how: 

  • Be A Provider: When blonding is your salon’s most-requested service, long color appointments are always on the books. Lou stocks her salon with fresh groceries and snacks to keep clients happy and stylists energized behind the chair.
  • Dress Code: Set guidelines for employees and don’t be afraid to say no. Because clients are coming into the salon for fashion and beauty advice, Lou’s dress code is this: Express your personal style…but if you would wear an outfit to the gym or bed, don’t wear it to work!
  • Switch It Up: Keep clients and stylists interested by frequently switching things up in the salon. Every few months, Lou recommends moving around furniture, adding a new photo, redoing the wallpaper, etc. to keep it fresh—this will improve client retention and inspire your stylists.


Mistake #3: Sacrificing the salon’s vision for an individual’s ego.

Solution: Create a no-compromise culture and only hire stylists who are aligned with your salon’s mission and vibes. “Our company has a vision and a mission,” shares Nathan Creger (@nathanandrewstyle), the owner of Salon AUDACE in Norman, Okla. “So, we have a no-compromise culture that makes every employee a part of that vision.” To make sure that vision is working day-to-day, as an owner, it’s important to delegate tasks so you have the necessary support system to run the salon.


Salon Owners: 4 Common Mistakes & Solutions To Fix Them
Salon owners from different cities and backgrounds traveled to Wash. for two days of hands-on education at the luxe SEVEN Salon!


Mistake #4: Trying to grow too quickly.

Solution: Invest in your salon’s future by taking the time to cultivate a team-oriented environment. “When you’re at the start of a new experience like opening a salon, you just want to dive in,” shares Elizabeth Jacobson (, the owner of Vive Salon in Horace, N.D. “Instead, take your time and trust the process.” 


How can you maintain steady growth? Nathan’s salon sets both daily and weekly goals, and has a one-hour weekly meeting to discuss and reflect. “Hitting our goals allows us to give raises, bring education into the salon and send our stylists out of town for educational opportunities,” shares Nathan.


Salon Owners: 4 Common Mistakes & Solutions To Fix Them
Elizabeth brought her employee Kirby Camas (@kirby_vivesalon) all the way from North Dakota for the educational event!



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