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Last updated: January 14, 2019

The Top 3 Challenges Facing Salon Studio Owners & How To Overcome Them

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Advice For Overcoming 3 Common Challenges Studio Owners Face

So you just opened a salon studio. CONGRATS! But also, OMG! From taking on all salon roles to understanding the business basics, being an owner comes with its own set of challenges. The good news? You’re not alone, and two Sola Salon Studios owners—Denver-based Jackie Hovorka (@fullmetaljaxon) and Richmond-based Ashley Lewis (@the_blondologist)—are sharing how they turned challenges into opportunities to grow even more behind the chair. Keep reading for their advice!


Challenge #1: Juggling multiple roles alone.

Moving to a studio means “stylist” isn’t your only title. On top of coloring, cutting and styling hair, you’re now a bookkeeper, a receptionist and the assistant tasked with keeping your space clean. Just ask Jackie. “The biggest challenge I faced was having to juggle a reception job as well,” she said. “I answer my own client inquiries, clean my own studio, do my own laundry.”


Opportunity: Owning your time-management skills.

Don’t sweat! This is now a great time to work on your time-management game! It’ll be challenging at first, but Jackie says you’ll learn to multi-task. And don’t be afraid to get help from an app like SolaGenius (GlossGenius x Sola)—it has 24/7 online booking, notification and reminder capabilities, point-of-sale and credit card processing and analytics/reporting, so the scheduling and management side of your business can be a little easier.


Watch the video below to learn what SolaGenius can do for you!


Challenge #2: Keeping your skills sharp.

Remember how your previous salon owner would bring manufacturer education into the salon? That’s your job now because YOU are the salon owner! 


Opportunity: Choosing your own educational path.

A huge benefit to being on your own means choosing what you want to learn. “One of the biggest opportunities that Sola Salon offered me as an independent stylist was the ability to explore education!” Ashley said. Because you set your own schedule, you can choose when, where and what classes to take that work for you. And with exclusive education offerings like the Sola Sessions and the Sola Pro app, the Sola community benefits from the opportunity to learn it live or digitally in the palm of their hand.


Challenge #3: Navigating legal and financial issues.

Know this: You have to stay on top of the legal/financial aspects that come with having your own space. And Ashley says the hardest part of having to handle the business side of a studio is deciding which business structure is right for you. Plus, we know things like “liability insurance” and “business license” can sound a little scary to new business owners.


Opportunity: Using resources that already exist to get you started—quickly and easily.

Yes, navigating the business world can be super intimidating, we know. But Sola’s start-up manual has all the forms and info you need to file and register your business license and name, obtain a salon license and sales license and get liability insurance. So make sure you do your research—it’ll pay off in the long run!


Before and after—Jackie’s salon studio in Denver. She had free reign to decorate her studio to create the environment that best suited her business. With sound insulated walls and a sliding glass door, you truly can create an intimate environment that is all about you and your clientele. // Instagram via @fullmetaljaxon


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