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Last updated: July 19, 2017

5 Ways to Find Quality Salon Chairs

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Investing in salon equipment is daunting, and with endless style options and price points, it is hard to differentiate between high-quality and low-quality chairs. No worries, we’re here to help! Consider these questions before you invest in a high-quality chair:


Is Your Customer Comfortable?
While this may seem obvious, it’s important! There is a big difference between your customer being truly comfortable and simply “not uncomfortable,” and depending on the service that they’re signing up for, they could be seated for a few hours. Uncomfortable chairs in your salon will not only provide an unsatisfactory experience for the customer, but if your guest is constantly moving during a service that requires precision, your work could be compromised too.


Is Your Stylist Comfortable?
In a world of “customer first” priority, it’s also important to take the stylist’s comfort into consideration. Salon services are far more physical than people give them credit for, so it’s important that the design works with your stylist instead of against them. High-quality chairs do just that, twisting with ease, giving easy access to the client’s hair at a variety of angles and making clean up simple.



What Chair Should You Pick?
A well-constructed chair moves smoothly in any direction and throughout all of its functions. Whether you’re adjusting the chair’s height, reclining it, or turning it for a different angle, the chair should have a gliding motion rather than the rigid, jerky movements that low-quality chairs give. For example, the shock absorption in Takara Belmont‘s Legend or 225 Elegance Barber Chairs is specifically designed for client support. This value increases cost, but makes sense in the long-run—they’ll last longer and are less prone to wear and tear.



How Does It Look?
The aesthetic of a high-quality chair should match the personality of your salon while remaining timeless. Hair services are often viewed as an art form, and having a chair that looks boring or dated can drag down the feel of your salon. One specific trait to look for in a salon chair is double stitching. It punches up the overall look of your chair, but is also durable and functional.


Handmade or Machine-Made?
Handmade chairs have a higher level of quality control—and up to three times the shelf life. The handcrafted Knoll Styling Chair from Takara Belmont is an example—its foam has been hand-selected to match the chair and has cooling vinyl for comfort, plus it has a sophisticated look with upholstery detail that’s made to last.




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