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Last updated: January 09, 2020

Joico Announces Gina Bianca & Olivia Smalley As Brand Spokespersons

Joico Announces New Brand Spokespersons Olivia Smalley @omgartistry and Gina Bianca @iamginabianca
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Joico Names Gina Bianca & Olivia Smalley New Stylist Spokespersons 
This just in. Joico just announced that they’ve tapped the talents of top colorists, educators and social media influencers Gina Bianca (@iamginabianca) and Olivia Smalley (@omgartistry). Both artists will now be exclusive spokespersons across all its care, styling and color lines including: K-PAK®, Blonde Life™, LumiShine™ and Defy Damage®.


Gina & Olivia’s New Brand Roles At Joico 
Both of the artists’ new roles highlight their unique skillsets, strengths, personal experiences and perspectives—Gina as Joico’s Global Salon Business Expert and Olivia is Joico’s Brand Storyteller. Gina brings along her strengths in educating hairstylists as artists and business owners, while Olivia brings to the table social media savvy and keen insight into what works for beauty professionals. Both have grown their own personal businesses and brands from the ground up, connecting with their audiences and building relationships along the way.


As exclusive, professional stylist spokespersons for the brand, Gina and Olivia will be creating content around color techniques and formulas, while also creating and helping launch new education curriculums for Joico’s new Education On Demand channel, connecting with audiences through Facebook Lives, live at shows across the country and of course on their social channels, and helping to build salon businesses.


Joico Announces New Brand Spokespersons Olivia Smalley @omgartistry and Gina Bianca @iamginabianca
Gina Bianca, Joico Global Salon Business Expert


With an impressive track record as an international hair educator and two-time salon owner, Gina has made a serious name for herself as a biz-building expert—not only teaching thousands of stylists about the fine art of color placement, but also showing them exactly how to grow their business and take themselves to the next level.


Known for her “honest, blunt and comedic approach to education and empowerment,” Gina is going to open her vast portfolio of knowledge and deliver up-to-the-minute ideas, guidance and late-breaking trends that you can put into practice for immediate, moneymaking results. “I’m so happy to work with a company who not only sees my value, but sees the value of every stylist in the trenches,” shares Gina. 


Joico Announces New Brand Spokespersons Olivia Smalley @omgartistry and Gina Bianca @iamginabianca
Olivia Smalley, Joico Brand Storyteller


In addition to being a blonde specialist, extensions expert, makeup artist and a total tutorial wiz—@hudabeauty highlighted Olivia’s talents by sharing her viral “water bottle curls” video—this brilliant educator knows the value of learning and has been teaching audiences everything she knows about working social media. Not only a social pro but also a “blonde hair damager killer,” Olivia is ready to jump onboard full-time with Joico to help teach every trick in the book designed to keep hair radiantly shiny and healthy, while showcasing it to perfection on all online platforms.


“Joico is like my family,” shares Olivia. “They have always taken care of their artists, including me. As a blonde specialist, I’m all about hair integrity—and they truly understand the importance of maintaining healthy blonde hair.”


“We’ve been partnering with both Olivia and Gina for the past couple of years—working with them for specific initiatives—and as our relationships grew and they discovered more about the brand, we both wanted to continue working together and in a deeper way. Joico searches for artists to create a true and meaningful partnership, and we’re so happy we’ve found two brilliant stars we’ve connected with to become part of our ‘joi-ful’ family. We’re thrilled they’ve come on board with us and cannot wait for the great content we’ll create together, and to showcase their talents across the U.S. and around the world.” – Valerie Robinett, Sr. Director, Communications and Digital Marketing for Joico



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